Unlock Samsung Galaxy S20 Or Any Other Previous Galaxy Model

This guide is to help on every Samsung Galaxy S20 phone owner to get its unlock Samsung Galaxy S20 code. This is a workable guide that will help you retrieve your unlocking combination. The original combination is the only key that can help you make your cell phone device eligible to accept any SIM card into your device. This means that once you retrieve the code you can use any particular mobile phone provider services no meter if you buy the device from another place.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S20

The main advantage that you can get here as our reader is that you just have the opportunity to receive an unlock code from the Galaxy phone family for every other possible Samsung Galaxy model. Below is the text, we will list all models that this unique method support.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Code Generator

The tool that will help you go through the unlocking Samsung Galaxy procedure is the universal generator. It’s a generator that is a combination of all different generators published on our website in the past. Therefore please know that you will have no problem no meter which is the exact Galaxy model that you own.

How does generating software work? Every Galaxy owner probably wonders how he can use the software, or is he capable to manage the whole decoding process. The answer to these questions is very simple. Every user can manage the unlocking procedure because the using policy is very easy.

You need to manage the following manual process:

Steps Guidelines
  • Download the unlock Samsung Galaxy code generator from the main downloading page on this website.
  • Once you complete the downloading procedure open the file and choose the install option. Press the install button.
  • The installation on the generator will be done in a minute. You will receive a new Galaxy icon on your computer or cell phone desktop.
  • Open the software.
  • Insert the Galaxy phone’s IMEI number into the empty place at the top of the window.
  • Finally, click the main big “Unlock” button in the right bottom corner once it becomes yellow.

The decoding process that our generator work in the background will be completed in a couple of minutes. Then you will receive your Galaxy S20 code key in a new window. The code will be the right one only if you provide the original IMEI number that you can check if you dial *#06# using your keyboard. Be careful because if you make a mistake the first time you can’t use it once more time. In that case, you will need to complete the downloading and installation processes one more time from the beginning.

Enter SIM Network Pin

How To Enter The Code Manually Into Your Samsung Cell Phone

The good part of the whole procedure is entering the code manually into the mobile phone in order to make it eligible for other SIM cards from another carrier. The process is also very simple. Follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone (S20 – Plus or Ultra or another model).
  2. Remove the old SIM card from your parent mobile phone carrier.
  3. Insert the new SIM card that you want to use. This SIM card must be from another carrier that is forbidden on your Galaxy device.
  4. Turn on the mobile phone again.
  5. Enter the phone passcode if you have it already in the past.
  6. Once the SIM network screen appears then insert the unlock code that you already get.

Finally, once you enter the code your device will not make any future problems with accepting any SIM card from any different store around the world.

Galaxy Models That The Generator Support

In the list below you have all models listed. The listed models are compatible with the generator and you can use it in order to reproduce your unlock Samsung Galaxy codes. The models are the following:

A Family

  • Alpha
  • A80
  • A71
  • A51
  • A01
  • A11
  • A40s
  • A20e
  • A10
  • A50
  • A30
  • A8 Star
  • A6
  • A6 +
  • A8
  • A8 +
  • A5
  • A3
  • A9
  • A9 Pro
  • A7

J Family

  • J1
  • J5
  • j7
  • J3
  • J1 Nxt
  • J1 Mini
  • J Max
  • J3 Emerge
  • J7 V
  • J3 Prime
  • J7 Pro
  • J2 Pro
  • J7 Prime 2
  • J7 Duo
  • J4
  • J6

S Family

  • S20
  • S10 Lite
  • S10 E
  • S9
  • S10
  • S8 +
  • S8
  • S7 Edge
  • S7
  • S5 Neo
  • S5 Active
  • S6
  • S6 Edge
  • S III Neo
  • S III Slim
  • S4 Active
  • S4
  • S2 Plus
  • S III Mini

Other Popular Models That We Support

  • M10
  • M20
  • M30
  • E5
  • E7
  • Grand
  • Core
  • Grand 2
  • Core Plus
  • Grand Prime
  • Grand Prime Plus
  • Prime Pro
  • Mini
  • Mega 2
  • Trend
  • Mini 2
  • Mega 5.8
  • Mega 6.3
  • Trend Lite
  • Trend Plus
  • On7
  • On5
  • On Max
  • On6
  • On7 Prime
  • C5
  • C7
  • C5 Pro
  • C9 Pro

Our message to you as our reader is that if you check your Samsung Galaxy cell phone model from the list above then you can use the generator for sure. In another case, if your model isn’t listed then contact us and we will try to help you manually.

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Why is your Galaxy mobile locked in the first place?

The question that is very important for every mobile phone user to understand well! No meter are you the first or second-hand mobile phone owner. You may have a carrier locked phone in your possessions. You need to know that in that case, the first carrier that already sold the Galaxy phone inputted screen lock protection in order to keep you as their loyal customer. So once you try to insert a new SIM card from some other particular carrier your device rejects the change. Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy code generator that we already presented above you can change the situation that is going on with your Galaxy phone.

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