Install Web Browser On Apple TV Using Short Guidelines

If you have an Apple TV set in your home then you should know that it is possible to install Web Browser so you can use it to surf the internet when you need it.

In this short post, I will explain to you how to make the installation. Remember that this method cannot be done through your Mac App Store and that is why you will need to sideload TV OS Browser on your Apple TV.

Install Web Browser On Apple TV

How to make an installation on Apple TV

  • Begin by sideloading the TvOSBrowser on the Apple TV (during the procedure you will probably see an error message –“UiWebView” is unavailable/not available on TVOS.
  • Go to the Applications folder
  • From it right-clicks XCode app and finds and select the Show Package Content
  • Now press DeveloperàPlatformsàAppleTVOS.platformàDeveloperàSDKsàAPpleTVOS.sdkàusràinclude.
  • Click twice on Availability.h to launch the Xcode
  • Now find these lines:
  • Replace the lines with:
  • Save the made changes to Availability.h
  • Start rebuilding the TvOSBrowser using the Play button in Xcode and after a short time the TvOSBrowser should be built successfully
  • Find the TvOSBrowser icon on your Apple TV and try to browse web content from your TV

#define __TVOS_UNAVAILABLE __OS_AVAILABILITY(tvos,unavailable)
#define __TVOS_PROHIBITED __OS_AVAILABILITY(tvos,unavailable)

Replace With This Command


The entire process is easy. It will take only a short time. Please note that this is not a professional browser like the one found on your iPhone/Mac or iPad. It only supports basic features but I believe that they too will get the job done. Hopefully, in the future, the developers will come up with better features and options.

Web Browser on Apple TV basic Features

  • You can change the cursor to scroll mode and vice versa by taping on the center of touch of the remote of Apple TV
  • Press on the touch area and click
  • Go back with the help of the menu
  • If you want to type in URL address just use the Play/Pause button

If you like to get more features on your Apple TV device then the best option is to make Jailbreak on your device. This process is very simple and easy to do, we have a full guide on how to work this service what is the features when will do and how to install.

To make on Apple TV 4 Jailbreak go here, or your device is old one version will make Jailbreak Apple TV 3 here on this story. This is completely for free and not is need to pay to get this software on your Apple TV. When will have on your device will get XBMC to watch the best TV programs for free.

We hope to help you find a good way how to install Web Browser on your Apple TV set. If like to ask some please write in the comment below, and for the latest tech news please stay connect on our social network.

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