Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Service By Tool With Full Guide

In this guide, I will talk about the Apple TV 3 Jailbreak and why it is necessary to consider doing a simple jailbreak on your Apple TV 3 set. There are many positive things about Apple TV 3. It allows you to stream all the video content from the iTunes store directly into your HDTV via purchased made by the cloud.

You can stream many online media services. In addition, you can play music, watch movies, videos or photos via iOS devices using the Airplay feature. Via AirPlay Mirroring you can stream and web video to the Apple TV. You must own a new MAC computer. And not to mention that the user interface of Apple TV 3 currently is probably the best in the world leading the competition by a big margin.

TV Options

Even though Apple TV 3 has really amazing features that it can offer to the average user still it will not take long to notice that in comparison with other similar media set-top boxes it offers quite limited content. You will not get over this fact unless you are really into Apple’s ecosystem. For example, in comparison with its fiercest rivals in this field, Apple TV set offers really a limited number of channels apps and limited airplay features.

But still, even though there are some limitations this does not mean that you cannot do something about it. There is a way that can enable you to get much more available content. More features and get the best out of your Apple TV 3 set just by doing a simple jailbreak.

Simple Jailbreak

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

Well the word itself Jailbreak Apple TV 3 can sound a bit scary right. But this is not the case because we are not talking about a jailbreak in a literal sense to escape from prison but it is about gaining access to the iOS of your Apple TV 3 set.

The Apple TV 3 Jailbreak devices are quite a popular method used by many people around the globe. It still has growing popularity. Even though many people may question its legality and security still this does not stop you from doing it.

In addition jailbreaking an iOS device is not that complicated if you are worried that you will not be able to do it. In a matter of fact, it is really a simple process that can be done by pretty much anyone who is able to make a simple software installation on their computer.

So, in other words, it is quite simple to jailbreak an Apple TV 3 device. I am quite positive that you will have no problems at all sets. Not to mention that in case you are worried that you might be doing something illegal that the jailbreak is perfectly safe and will cause you no problems at all. So do not concern yourself about this. 

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Benefits

The first question which may pop up in your mind regarding Apple TV 3 jailbreak is what benefits it will provide me. Is it really worth doing it? It will somehow be harmful to your device?

These questions can be easily answered. Honestly, by doing a simple jailbreak on your Apple TV 3 you will open up a vast amount of possibilities of which your Apple TV is capable.

For instance, you do realize that the Standard Apple TV 3 without jailbreak is only able to play a certain type of music and movie formats. And due to this limitation, many users are not reluctant to do Jailbreak Apple TV 3.

iTunes Store

When using Apple TV 3 and you want to stream media into your television set you are required to use the iTunes software tool to gain access. In other words, this means that you are basically restricted and limited to the type of media and apps made through the Apple selection and which are made available in their official iTunes store. Moreover, there is the option to install popular apps like XBMC which will make it much easier to stream digital content into your home network.

You should know that if you jailbreak you will not be removing any of these native apps or the functionality which has been included in the main firmware by Apple. In other words, you will be able to make purchases of premium movie rentals via iTunes and to access some streaming video apps such as Netflix.

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Main Features

What you will gain by Jailbreak depends on what actually you need. For instance, if you have in your home network a big library with stored media content then you will probably feel the considerable benefit by widening the functionality of the Apple TV 3 and making installation of XBMC or similar media manager which will assist you in streaming your content.

If you are interested and want to have access to an enormous variety of streaming videos on the internet then making an installation of XBMC and Plex server would be really a great idea.

But if you want to gain access to all the free TV episodes from popular movie networks such as NBC, SyFy, FXmYSAmThe CW, ABC, etc, then it would be a good idea to install the Bluecap Repository which comes installed within the XBMC and this will enable you to gain access to all the free TV episodes from the popular TV networks.

Fast And Easy

Also, if you are interested in having your navigation menu layout changed, to tweak some other settings or add different custom backgrounds then by doing Jailbreak of your TV you will get all of this. In addition, there are many, many other benefits. Benefits that you will gain by doing a simple jailbreak. It will take only a few moments of your time.

Once jailbreak your device will know of no restrictions and will be able to support and play all kinds of file formats. It is really a recommended thing. You should definitively consider doing it. 

How To Jailbreak Apple TV 3

The whole method of doing jailbreak is not complicated at all. IN the matter of fact you can do it quite easily using the tool. You are not required to have some advanced technical knowledge. You will only need to use our instructions on the jailbreak process. This method had been tested. It is confirmed that it should not take more than ten minutes to do it.

Currently, it is quite obvious that the third generation of Apple’s TV set is already available on the market. If you did not know the main reason behind this is the free tool.

Free Tool

If you ask me which is the best media player in the world? My answer would be Apple TV 3. To back this down! I would say it is because the Apple TV 3 set enables you to watch movies, play videos, listen to music directly to command from your iOS device.

The only requirement for the user to enjoy these contents is to download them from the official Apple store. In addition, if you decide to subscribe to the Netflix server. You will be able to watch the world’s best TV series. But if you decide to jailbreak you will gain plenty of other options as well.

Once jailbreak you can easily choose to install the newest and the best apps, services, and system into your set. You can make the installation completely free of charge. You are interested in the process? I will provide you with the necessary instructions just bellow.

Jailbreak Apple TV3 Guide

I will demonstrate to you the easiest, the safest and most secure method which you will need to use on how to do an efficient procedure. I will also inform you about the new software and apps. You can install for free on your Apple TV 3 set once you have made the jailbreak.

An example of such software which is free and has nice features in the software tool Kodi. By making the installation of this software you will be able to play movies, videos, etc… In other words, it will allow you to enable PVR. It is an option to watch and record television on your Apple TV 3 set.


Other useful software is the ATV Flash. It is really a user-friendly tool and it will enable you to play some of the best file types including the type. In addition, internet browsing will be also possible and you will be able to use apps from the Last.FM format.

As I have said the Jailbreak will enable you plenty of new options. You will have access to new features o it is a really useful thing to do. Also not to mention that it is completely free of charge.

Bellow is the complete process.

The jailbreak tool was developed by the Dev Team. It is the best jailbreak software tool in the world currently. The entire jailbreak process will not take longer than 5 – 10 min. It is quite simple. We offer you the unique opportunity to do an official Jailbreak with tested software tools. You can download this tool exclusively from our website. Get it by clicking on the provided download links bellow.

You can use it to jailbreak all TV models and versions without limitations. If you have some other iOS device that you want to jailbreak click here for instructions on the process.


  • Start off by downloading the software. Unzip it on your computer and make the installation.
  • The jailbreak tool is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers
  • After you have started the tool select “Create IPSW” and proceed

  • Now that you have created IPSW proceed by unzipping this IPSW file into your device

  • Connect your TV set using a USB cable connection to your computer. While you do this make sure that you leave the Power Disconnected. After that just click on Play/Pause for around 5-10 seconds.

  • Once you do the previous step your device will start the Auto Reboot process. Once it is completed your apple TV 3 set will be successfully jailbroken.

Jailbreak Apple TV 3

Final Words

All of the steps which I have mentioned as you can see are quite simple. They are easy to follow. I am quite sure that you will have no problems at all to do the process all by yourself. In order to ensure that you will have the best results, we constantly keep on improving our software and services. We are releasing new updates and upgrades to our products. Moreover, we provide the latest feedback on the newly tested apps, tools, and software. We explain the benefits of using it.

Many users have already been successful in doing jailbreak on their device. Just download the free tool and try it by yourself. Why be restricted to play only content from the cloud into your Apple TV 3 set. Why when you can gain access to all kinds of media and streamed content completely for free. The Apple TV 3 Jailbreak is the perfect solution. Do not delay this further and do it now.

If you have any questions or you have experienced some problems while attempting to do the jailbreak feel free to post a comment below. Email us or contact us. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

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