ZTE Modem Unlocker Service That Works On Any Modem Version

Get the latest ZTE Modem Unlocker to unlock any ZTE modem device worldwide! Discharging the lock off the Modem Dongle DataCard is never as simple and enjoyable as all of us may wish. Other modem brands, such as the Huawei modems are much easily unlocked, but unfortunately, that cannot be claimed for our Modem Dongle DataCard.

Still, this is not a hapless case as there are some solutions left that you may want to consider. Truth to be told you can rely only on two possible unlocking methods. If anyone states otherwise they probably mixed the Modem Dongle DataCard with something else, so don’t fall for that trick.

ZTE Modem Unlocker Tool

What are the unlocking solutions for the Modem Dongle?

The first solution is more likely to be fit for the computer geniuses as it requires well coping with computer programs and the computer work in general. If you think that your computer skills are above average then you can use this method which is known as ZTEcrap.exe, which in translation means that it is a cracked version of the ZTE Modem Unlocker tool.

The second solution is aimed at general users and is much easier to follow. It involves a software program or firmware. This software application tool will get the unlock code you need for your Modem Dongle DataCard without much fuss and effort on your part, and the news to be even better, it is totally free of any charge. I assume you all voted for the second method so here are the instructions that you need to stick to, to be able to remove the lock off your Modem Dongle DataCard for free.

What You Need To Do

The first task that lies ahead of you is to download the ZTE Modem Unlocker software application tool that suits the operative system of your computer. You will have the chance to make your pick from the links provided below.
The second assignment for you is to connect the Modem Dongle to your computer and wait for the drivers, as well as the firmware to be fully and completely installed.

Next, you must switch off your internet connection. Then shut the Modem Dongle software. Run the newly installed firmware. Wait for an unlock code request. The next procedure would be to enter the NCK/SPCK/SP. Surly where it is appropriate. Then Click on the UNLOCK option. Finally, your ZTE Modem Dongle is completely unlocked! You will be free to use it on any SIM card you chose.

The last thing you should do is create a new profile. It is for the new SIM card. Make new log-in details and continue using your data card as you did before. If the operative system on your PC is windows then here you will find some specifications for your case. Foremost, ensure that the ZTE modem you now own is working fine and that you have generated the unlock code for your modem via the unlocking tool.

ZTE Model Unlocker

Using Guide

1. Open and run the ZTE Modem Unlocker tool.
2. Connect the ZTE modem to your computer device. Wait until the executive unlocking tool has detected it and recognized it.
3. Insert a SIM card that you have never used before because you were unable to do so.
4. Insert the unlock code that you already have.

Warning! Upon entering the code have in mind that you only have five eligible attempts to make things right. If you are reckless and you don’t enter the unlock code in five consecutive attempts then the ZTE Modem will be locked forever. Use the ZTE modem Unlocker now for free!

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