Xperia Unlock Bootloader Generator Available For Any Sony Xperia Model

The bootloader has a vital role in the operative system of your mobile phone, your computer or your laptop but when it comes to mobile devices the bootloader can pose as an obstacle. The reason for this is simple. All mobile phone devices are sold with a locked bootloader instead of unlocked. Had the bootloader been unrestricted users could freely change their current operative system with a custom ROM one.

But since the bootloader is locked this option is out of the question. That leaves many users frustrated and agitated. Precisely this situation led to many Xperia unlocking bootloader online tools and software application that is extremely hard to choose from. Sometimes you can come across a free tool, other times you discover a tool that charges a lot, all so many promises but which one to trust.

This is no ordinary issue and if you make one single wrong move you may harm your mobile phone device and never be able to use it again. To avoid that you should avoid tampering with your mobile phone device yourself and you should absolutely not allow others to temper with it. Choose the most trusting software application tool that you can find on the internet and unlock your Xperia bootloader so that you can achieve your goals.

Xperia Unlock Bootloader

The Code Generator

The searching for the perfect tool will lead you to one answer only- the Xperia Unlock Bootloader Code Generator tool. This tool can be downloaded from the link provided at the bottom of this article from the boot loader’s tool website.

It is an extremely simple tool for that complicated process. On top of that, it is absolutely free. It supports all operative systems. It can be installed on whatever computer you have at your home or your office. All the steps of the bootloader unlocking Xperia process are enclosed in the instructions section. If you stick to each step as listed, you will have absolutely no trouble unlocking your bootloader.

Xperia Unlock Bootloader Full Step By Step Instructions

  1. The first step of the way includes downloading and installing the generator tool on your computer. As I said before it can be any computer with any operative system. Download the software by click on the download button below.
  2. Click on the application now installed on your PC. Open it.
  3. You will see this section in the opened Xperia app asking you to provide details about your Xperia phones’ model and IMEI number.
  4. Once you are sure you have entered the IMEI correctly hit the “generate” button so that the process of code-generating starts.
  5. In no more than several minutes, you will receive the code you have needed all along. The unlock code for your Xperia bootloader. Check your email every now. Then and if you don’t see the email check the spam folders as well.
  6. The next step involves the installation of yet another app. The Android SDK tool. Perform this installation manually. Then turn on the USB debugging option on your mobile phone device.
  7. Connect your mobile phone to your computer with the USB cable of your cell phone. This time your mobile phone needs to be powered off and the moment you are connecting it to the computer is the moment you should be pressing the volume button of the handset as well.
  8. Open the Android SDK and find the fast-boot devices in the platform apps.
  9. Type: fastboot-I OxOfceoem tool and enter the unlock code that was sent to you on your email.
  10. Click OK or DONE and the official unlock of the bootloader is complete.

Xperia Bootloader Unlock


You can download this amazing tool and unlock your Xperia Bootloader today. You can also visit the website where you can discover more particularities about how the Xperia to unlock bootloader code-generating tool really works.

Testimonials of the thousands of satisfied users. They also are helpful to you. You can make the best decision regarding your mobile phone device- unlock its bootloader. This is the best free way to complete the Xperia unlock process on your device from your own home. Use whit your own device. Surely our great Xperia unlocks bootloader generator software available for free downloading above in this post. Please remember that this code generator works on any Xperia model cell phone device.

All you need to do is to download it on your device on which you have a good internet connection and to follow the guide on how to use Xperia unlock bootloader code generator step by step from this post. You can always contact us if you have some problems whit unlocking the Xperia bootloader issue by mail or in a comment. Our team works for you so you will probably get your answer in the next hour or two.

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