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As of now, you will no longer have a problem whether it is a good or a bad decision to unlock your Sony Xperia Z4 handset. Once you read about all the advantages of the unlocked Xperia Z4 and the effortlessness with which you can unlock it I am sure that you will all vote for the unlock procedure in unison.

Unlock Sony Xperia Z4

Unlock Sony Xperia Z4 Issue

The stages of the unlocking process will be explained to you in full detail and you will also learn what is the best method you can use to achieve a successful and cheap SIM unlock. The SIM unlocking method that I am suggesting here, in this article, is counted as an official method because there is a good reason for this statement.

Once you unlock the Sony Xperia Z4 mobile phone device in your ownership you will never have to repeat the procedure again. The unofficial SIM unlocking methods normally do the unlock but it only lasts for a certain amount of time. After that allotted unlock-time your SIM lock will reappear on your Sony Xperia Z4 and you will be back where you started. This is because the unofficial SIM unlocking procedure is more of a jail-breaking operation rather than a SIM unlocking operation.

There is a huge difference between these two as you can conclude on your own. Do you have heard or read somewhere about the Redsn0w or Ultrasn0w software application tools? Then you must be aware that they do not perform a permanent and official SIM unlock. Rather a SIM unlocks or a temporary character.

They are both great tools. I think you will be needing something that can guarantee a SIM unlock of a more permanent nature. The official way of unlocking can be done only by the unlocking service employed by the carriers. That is the most logical conclusion. A conclusion that one could get as the carriers are the ones that keep the SIM unlock code for your Sony Xperia Z4 cell phone device.

Unlock Sony Xperia Z4 Code Generator

The carriers partially have the right to detain the unlock code from you. All because you agreed upon this right when you signed the contract before. Once you take home your brand new Sony Xperia Z4 handset. This means that you don’t have the free right to the SIM unlock code until the 24 months in the contract are over. If you wish to reverse your part of the deal than you will have to pay the amount the carrier will offer to you in exchange for the SIM unlock code. If your contract is near expiring then you should maybe wait for a little while before you decide to do anything with the SIM lock on your Sony Xperia.

Of course, there is another SIM unlock solution that is greatly considered to be the mirror image of the official SIM unlocking method. It is the usage of SIM unlock software application tools. The best software application tool of this type for your Sony Xperia Z4 is without a doubt the Sony Xperia Z4 code generator. It can easily be downloaded and installed on your computer. From that moment on all you have to do is stick to the unlocking instructions. You will unlock your Sony Xperia Z4 handset in the promised ten to twenty minutes.

Unlock Sony Xperia Z4 Process Step By Step

  1. Find the link at the bottom of this article. Click on it to initiate the downloading process of the generator. The minute the downloading is signaled as finished you may start the installation procedure. It won’t take a minute.
    • Important: you can download this amazing tool on any computer, PC, laptop or tablet there is. It can function perfectly well on any computer language and any operating system that is installed on your computer device. Even the somewhat complicated iOS is not a challenge for this SIM unlock software application tool.
  2. Click on the tool to open. Complete the empty boxes about the IMEI code of your Sony Xperia. Those the carrier whose SIM lock it bears and the country where it was sold.
    • Important: you can find the IMEI number by using numerous shortcuts and means. The easiest way to get to this 15-digit code, that contains crucial details that can help the SIM unlock procedure to work, is to dial *#60#.
  3. All the details completed you are good to click on the “unlock” command and wait for the most important email message in your inbox. This email is going to be sent to you from the Sony Xperia Z4Code Generator Application Tool’s administrators who now have your unique SIM unlock code.

Final Manual Action

  1. Enter the SIM unlock code and click “ok”. Start to officially unlock your SIM locked mobile phone device.
    • Entering the SIM unlock code may not be as easy and simple as you hoped. Sometimes you need to use special characters and symbols. That is the only way to be able to enter the letters containing in the code. All this will be explained in the manual with instructions. They will be attached in the mail containing the SIM unlock code. Also, you will need to insert an unauthorized SIM card. It is a SIM card from a carrier that is not your current one for the SIM unlock –code request to appear on the screen of your Sony Xperia Z4 handset.
    This unlocking solution is not only the fastest and the simplest but t is also the cheapest. Truth to be told it doesn’t cost a bit. All the Sony Xperia Z4 users from the entire world who will decide to unlock their Sony Xperia Z4 mobile phone device will be able to do the unlocking operation for free only if they opt from the software. All other tools are not just more complicated to follow but much more expensive too.

Unlock Xperia Z4


The testimonials of the users from various countries around the world prove that the best solution is the generator solution and here’s why:

Zoo, Germany: “In my country, I could have my Sony Xperia Z4 unlocked only after half the contract was over. That was about a year. I couldn’t wait that long because I needed to travel around the world and I didn’t have any use of a SIM-locked device. Then I found the free Sony Xperia Z4 Code Generator Application Tool and everything changed for me for the better.

Ervin, Italy: “the law in Singapore allows you to have and use a SIM-unlocked Sony Xperia Z4 device. Even if you bought it on a contract. But if you ever decide to break the contract it will cost you. So no one really tries to undergo an official SIM unlocking procedure. No one can really afford it. That is why I love the free Sony tool! I hope everyone you have their Sony Xperia Z4 unlocked will download this tool and remove the SIM lock off their device once and for all.

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