On this page you are about to learn all about how to unlock nexus 5 for free from your own home and computer whit our great innovation unlock Nexus 5 code generator tool, available for free downloading on this page bellow. Here on this page you will find all information and instructions about unlocking Nexus 5 cell phone device. You will complete the unlock Nexus 5 procedure free, fast and easy as you have full guide step by step how to unlock nexus 5 cell device.

Unlock Nexus 5 Code

About Unlock Nexus 5 Process

Lately there have emerged more methods for Nexus 5 SIM unlocking than one can count. The unofficial methods are easy to follow and use but at the end of the day, the final result will not be unlocking at all but a one-time thing. In fact, the unofficial SIM unlock Nexus 5 methods are not intended for SIM unlock at all, but for a jail-break instead. Newly released tools like RedSn0w and UltraSn0w are the most recent products of the unofficial SIM unlock method like Dev Team. People think that these methods are fantastic simply because one would have to pay less to gain access to their Nexus 5 mobile phone device. With the official Nexus 5 unlock, performed directly by the carrier, users would have to pay all the installments predicted in the twenty-four month contract you signed. In addition, users would have to pay for some extra expenses and an unlock Nexus 5 code, so the official SIM unlock by the carrier can truly cost a little fortune. Below you can read a few testimonials of users who managed to officially and legally unlock their Nexus 5 mobile phone devices.

Unlock Nexus 5 Testimonials

  • Ollie (Finland): “I decided to upgrade my Nexus 5 device for another Nexus 5 from the same carrier, so I could pay off the rest of the installments prematurely. When the payment was processed, they asked for my Nexus 5’s IMEI number and with it they worked their magic. I was told to open the iTunes app when I go home and my Nexus 5 will be unlocked, so I can use it on any GSM mobile network in the world.
  • Sophine (France: “ I bought my Nexus 5 3G from the Orange mobile network provider. The laws in France allow users to unlock their mobile phone device, no matter what model or brand they are, after only six months since the contract was signed.
  • Zoo (Sweden: “you can have your Nexus 5 3G unlocked officially after 12 months of the contract. The policy of Telia Sonera, a network provider in this country, states that the SIM locked will be removed from any mobile phone device for nearly 30 $. Another carrier in Sweden, Telenor, does this same service for more or less the same amount.
  • Ervin (Singapore): in our country, the law forbids that the mobile phone devices are sold SIM locked, thus every new Nexus 5 comes with absolutely no restrictions. You can buy an Nexus 5 and immediately end the contract to have a restriction free Nexus 5 device. The termination of the contract will be charged for about 850 SGD.

Unlock Nexus 5

Before Unlocking Nexus 5 You Must Know

You can check online which carriers can end their 2-year contract with your prematurely for some extra charges, and which ones will not consider this option. Also, before or when buying an Nexus 5 mobile phone device you should check if they allow unlocking. For further details as to how to officially unlock your Nexus 5 :

  • NCK code. This code is combined of at least 15 digits. This combination of numbers and letters contains the solution for the SIM lock of your Nexus 5. They are saved in the carrier database and can be sent to you or whoever tries to officially perform the unlocking procedure.
  • HWID, NORID, CHIPID – these are the unique hardware chips typical for each Nexus 5 where the specific details are saved and kept. Therefore, when the NCK matches the unique chip installed in the Nexus 5 then and only then the official unlock can be performed.

Of course, there are those who have tried their luck and guess the NCK number. This normally does not work amazingly, as wild guessing the 15 digits is impossible. Furthermore, you can stick your Nexus 5 because you only have several attempts with the NCK combo. If you do not mind download an unlock Nexus 5 code generator official unlock then this method is the best for you. After all, it is legal and guarantees you that your handset will be functioning as well as it did before. With the unofficial method, there is always the chance to damage your Nexus 5 device by installing unchecked and suspicious software. Also, when resorting to the unofficial methods you need to have some previous technical knowledge. They do not require of you to be an internet wizard, but still some it knowledge may come in handy.

How To Unlock Nexus 5 By Code Generator

  1. Download the unlock nexus 5 code generator on your computer by click on the download button bellow: (the tool can be downloaded on any computer, lap top, tablet or even cell phone whit good internet connection. The code generator also work on any windows, MAC, Android, Linux or iOS operative system that you can use it on your device at this time),
  2. Open the software on your PC,
  3. Fill in your imei number, carrier, country and valid email address,
  4. Click on the unlock button,
  5. Visit your mail after five to ten minutes and wrote your unlock Nexus 5 code,
  6. Turn down your carrier locked device and put new sim card from some another carrier,
  7. Turn on the device,
  8. Fill in the unlock code when your Nexus 5 cell phone will ask it from you,
  9. Click ok,
  10. Your Nexus 5 mobile phone device is now unlocked!!!

How To Unlock Nexus 5

If you decided to finally remove the SIM locked off your Nexus 5 don’t refrain from sharing your experience with us. Does the official unlock sound more appealing or are you drawn to the unofficial methods? Tell us where you come from and what are the policies of your country’s network providers? Will they allow you to remove the SIM lock they placed on your Nexus 5 mobile phone device, how much does it cost, what’s the earliest date for you to try to SIM unlock your Nexus 5 3 G? Here you have the best solution on how to unlock nexus 5 for free!!!

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