Unlock Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim With Its Unique Code

Here you can learn how to unlock Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim cell phone device for free from your own home and device on which you have a good internet connection.

The fancy Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim can be something anyone would like to show off especially if it is SIM unlocked. It comes in variations of colors and it features extra characteristics that are simply hard to resist.

Unlocking The Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim

Unfortunately the Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim cannot glow in its full potential when it has the network lock on. The truth is, that all of us buy the mobile phone devices we dream on by signing a contract with the first network carrier provider that comes along the way. Once you sign the contract there is no going back, you must respect the rules stated there and use that carrier’s services only. Even if you try your luck and insert a SIM card from a different carrier you will end you in a blind alley.

The Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim will not respond, but instead, it will ask you for an unlock code. Inserting the different SIM cards can be used as a method of proving that the cell phone device is actually network locked and as a stepping stone in entering the SIM unlock code.

If you don’t enter an invalid SIM card you will never get the change to enter the unlock code and with that, to SIM unlock your Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim mobile phone device. so, today you will learn what is the best way to obtain the unlock code for your Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim handset and how to perform the unlocking procedure all on your own using one specially designed code-generating software application tool.

Some Details About The Network Unlock Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim

Before you start looking into the network unlocking solution you must check if your Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim is allowed to be officially unlocked. This is normally stated in the contract you signed with the carrier who sold you the Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim, but if for some reason you don’t have the contract with you, you can always search the internet for the web page of your current carrier.

There, on the official webpage, which is universal for all the countries where a certain carrier is allowed to operate, you should choose your own country from the list. Once you do that, click on the full name of your carrier and the specifications about your handset will appear immediately.

It should say whether your Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim can or cannot be officially unlocked. Although the answer t this in most cases is positive it still wouldn’t hurt to check. The unlocking procedure is a software working and when dealing with delicate things like that it is easy to damage your Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim if you don’t stick to all the rules.

Let’s presume that the Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim you want to unlock is eligible for such a procedure. Now comes the fun part, which method to use. Of course, you have several options at your disposal and you should only settle with the best one and the most beneficial for you. The official network unlocks that the carrier provides is somewhat pricey, although the unlocking price differs from country to country and from one network carrier to another.

The Unlock Tool

The unlocking operation offered by the local services can be lengthy. In great deal insecure. In most cases, the local unlocking services use hardware parts to deactivate the SIM unlock. This method is not only dangerous. It can void you from your mobile phone’s warranty, but it can also take a while.

The unlocking service offered by the Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim Code Generator Tool is by far the most satisfactory form the most unlocking aspects. It is free, fast, easy to use, and you can do it while watching your favorite TV show from your most conformable armchair. All you have to do is read the instructions below and you will be on the right track to officially unlock your Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim.

The unlock service offered by the carrier and the unlocking service offered by the tool both need your Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim IMEI unlock code. Without it, the services wouldn’t be able to match the SIM unlock code to your Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim mobile phone device.

Every mobile phone, not just every Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim, has a unique IMEI code. Unique unlock code. If you mistake the IMEI you will get a wrong network to unlock code. So you must be careful with it. The Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim unlock tool is designed in such a way that it enters the carrier’s database unnoticed and get the unlock code from there.


The carrier’s unlocking service already have unlimited access to the database. Truth to be told that can be the only difference between the two methods. That and one other tiny difference! You would have to pay the carrier for the SIM unlock. Then you don’t have to pay anything to the Microsoft Lumia 650 code generator’s administrators. You just click on the link. Download it. The rest will be up to you.

How To Properly Use The Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim Code Generator

There is no wrong way of utilizing this tool. The stages of using the tool are so predictable that making a mistake is not very likely. The only mistake you are risking of making is entering a worn IMEI code.

Make sure that the IMEI code you enter is the correct one. Find it. If you don’t have it, dial *#60# from your Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim. The wrong IMEI number can have serious consequences. Here why! You enter the wrong IMEI code. Then you get the wrong network to unlock code. If you enter the code five times and each time it is rejected.

The fifth time the Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim doesn’t accept the code you are entering will be the fatal one. The form that point on your phone device will be permanently blocked. Unlocking a mobile phone handset is a whole different scenario. Then it cannot be solved with an unblock code.

Dual Sim Instructions

  1. First, you must download the free generating tool. Install it. It is compatible with all PCs, laptops, tablets, even some mobile phones. The tool is also compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS operative systems. You can download it by click on the download button below.
  2. Click two times on the icon of the tool to open it.
  3. Enter the IMEI code of the phone devices you wish to unlock.
  4. Also, put the importance of the carrier that placed the network lock on your device.
  5. Then enter the country where the device was sold.
  6. Enter an email address.
  7. Then click UNLOCK.
  8. Check the email you entered in step 6.
  9. Then get the unlock code from the email.
  10. Insert the unlock code in your handset.
  11. Click “ok”

Final Action

Your phone device is network unlocked. You can use it with any SIM card you need to. You are not restricted just with the SIM card that was inserted in your phone at the time you performed the SIM unlock procedure.

Unlock Microsoft Lumia 650

Make sure to leave a comment in the comments section. Comment about the amazing experience. The experience that you have had with the super-simple and the extra-efficient unlocking tool. You can also share with the future users what is the best part you loved about the free Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual Sim generator. Maybe how long it took you to unlock your network locked mobile phone device!

Other than that, you can always contact the tool’s customer and support center for any question. As questions that might inertest you regarding the functionality of the tool. Contact us via email or via phone and the response will be sent to you as soon as possible.

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