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Unlock Instructions » How To Unlock Huawei

Model: All Huawei Models

1. Switch ON your phone with an unauthorized SIM Card
2. Phone will prompt for Unlock Code
3. Enter Unlock Code
4. Phone now unlocked

* Some Huawei phones require SIM network subnet unlock PIN.
* Simlock block unlock reset key is to reset your Huawei phone after failed attempts.

Unlock your Huawei Mobile Phone in 3 Easy Steps

Step #1: Find your Huawei Phones IMEI code
The 15 – 17 digit IMEI number is the serial number unique to your mobile phone. You can determine your Huawei Phone IMEI # by:
- Typing *#06# (Star, pound, zero, six, pound) into your Huawei cell phone. (Always try this first)
- Look at the back of your Huawei mobile phone behind the battery.

Step #2: Place order with us
- Find your phone model in our website.
- Fill in all the details and checkout.

Step #3: Enter the Huawei Unlock Code into Your Huawei Phone
- After you place order with us, it usually takes less than 24 hours for the unlock code to reach your email.
- Once you receive the code, put in an invalid sim (sim card from other carrier) and you should see the message request for unlock code.
- Key in the unlock code.