Unlock Bootloader Apk Code Generator For All Types Of Mobile Phones

Here you can unlock bootloader on your cell phone with unlock bootloader apk code generator available for free download on this page below. When we buy a mobile phone it is almost certain that it comes with a locked bootloader.

The bootloader is something like a security thing. Security which prevents users to swipe the existing operative system. Then replace it with a regular ROM. If you don’t know what you are doing you can damage your phone for sure. Then there will be no way to fix it.

Mobile phone companies invest a lot of money on their smartphones. It is pretty much understandable that unlocking the bootloader cannot be a piece of cake.

Unlock Bootloader

Unlock Bootloader Apk Information And Instructions

There are many online apps for this problem but which one to trust. Most of the apps available online will only charge you a lot and then will see if they can fix your locked bootloader problem or not.

Many users have been victims of so-called unlocking apps and you should be careful not to become one of them if you decide the use this method for removing the lock on your bootloader. To help you out, if you are in a situation like this, I will recommend the only safe and risk-free apk that is available for you online.

With the Unlock Bootloader apk code generator, you can tackle the problem on any cell phone, no matter the model, the make or country of manufacture. All you have to do is download the app on your computer or laptop and start the procedure.

You will receive a code with which you will be able to unlock the bootloader. Then install the custom ROMs on your mobile phone. The unlock Bootloader apk will never damage your mobile device in any way. All your information will be safe and secure with it. Nothing from the memory of your mobile phone will be missing or will be incomplete.

Forget about all kinds of stories you have heard about the unlocking apks of this kind. The apk is entirely different because it is entirely user-friendly. As I said before the app is not a simple process but I will make it as simple as possible for you in this article. The instructions will be given to you below and should you stick to them there is no way that you will make a mistake.

Unlock Bootloader Code Generator

How To Unlock Bootloader Guide

  1. Download and install the apk from this page by click on the download button below.
  2. Once the app is installed on your computer click on it to start it.
  3. Insert the IMEI number, as well as the model of your mobile device. ( this information must be entered correctly. Otherwise, the unlocking code that you will receive will not match the requirements of your mobile and the unlocking will not be successful.)
  4. Click on the “generate” button.
  5. You will receive an alphanumeric code.
  6. Now, manually, download and install Android SDK.
  8. You must turn off your mobile phone and, using a USB cable, connect your mobile to your PC.
  9. Simultaneously press the volume key and insert the USB cable on the computer.
  10. On your computer open the Android SDK folder and open the platform apks from there.
  11. Click on “fastboot devices”
  12. Enter the command > fastboot-I OxOfceoem unlock the bootloader (and the code you received earlier)
  13. Insert the same unlocking code from the steps above.
  14. Your bootloader is officially unlocked.

Brands Support

  • HTC
  • Huawei
  • Samsung
  • Xperia
  • Nokia
  • Alcatel
  • ZTE
  • Blackberry
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Microsoft
  • Nexus

Download the unlock Bootloader apk code generator. Have a good time unlocking. For more information check the FAQ section on our website. Feel free to comment on this post. Ask for help if you have any issues with the unlock on your cell device.

This is the best solution for how that works on any cell phone brand and model for free only with your computer and our unlock bootloader code generator software tool.

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