How To Backup PS 4 Games From your PC While You Playing

Every gamer wants to know a method of how to backup PS 4 games from PC while he plays the game! The Yukimura update on the Playstation 4 was eagerly anticipated and fortunately, this update also known as firmware 2.50 was released recently. This update is very important for several reasons from which the ability to back up the entire content on a PS 4, in which game installs are included is probably the most important one.

The update itself will be very useful if you are ever in a need to reinstall a game. Because some games are really large in size and exceed over 40-50 GB of free space. Now, with the new update, it will not be required to re-download any of the digitally purchased games in case you have decided to upgrade or change the PS4 hard drive. This update will come quite handy in case you want to free some space on the console and after a while, you got the desire to play it again.

Backup PS 4 Games

To store the existing data from your PS4 you will need a USB pen drive or external HDD.

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How to Backup PS 4 Games?

  1. Before you start it may be required to format the USB device
  2. Connect the USB hard drive with your Windows computer
  3. Open my computer and on the newly read drive, right-click and select Format
  4. Select the exFat format Option
  5. Choose the maximum possible value listed in the drop-down menu for the “allocation unit size option”
  6. Now to Backup and Restore do this:
  7. Connect your USB device with your computer
  8. Go to Settings System Backup & restore from the function screen
  9. Select Backup PS4
  10. Press “X” to add a checkmark in the checkbox for saving applications
  11. Now the PS4 will automatically restart and will start transferring all the data. The procedure may take a while depending on how much data you have
  12. After this is complete you can copy the backed up data to the PS4 once you turn it on
  13. Note that you must be signed with the same PSN account which you have used when you made backup
  14. To transfer data back do this:
  15. Make sure that the USB drive is connected to your system
  16. Go to SettingsàApplication Saved Data Management-Saved Data on USB storage Deviceà Copy to System Storage form the functions screen
  17. Set a title
  18. Press “X” to add a checkmark for the saved data you want to copy in the checkbox and after that select Copy

After you do this, the game will be copied back to the PS4 and you can play it at any time

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