Like to share files from your Android Phone to iOS Phone, this is very easy to make by Zapya app tool for free. Several days ago, we had a problem which on first sight looked fairly simple. We had one moderately sized file (around 350 MB) which we have created on iPad, and later we needed to access it on Android Phone for sharing. Sometime ago, when almost everyone did their job by using laptop or desktop computers, many methods for file sharing existed: It was possible to copy the files into USB , it was possible to transfer them over shared folders on your local network, you could’ve make ad-hoc wireless network etc… However, with iOS this is that that simple, and even though some Android devices support USB OTG (on-the-go) which can be used to connect a pen drive directly to your phone, not every phone has this feature.

It is simpler if you are trying to share files from one iOS device to another with AirDrop, or form one Android to another with Android Beam, but what about when you are trying to do it from an iOS device to Android? If you have this problem and don’t know how to share files from iOS device to Windows Phone then in this guide we will cover all details.

Share Files

Our first thought about solving this issue was to email the file or upload it to Dropbox, so it can be later downloaded on the phone. However, at the same time we have learned that there are a lot of apps which can help us solve this problem. There are of course varieties of options, but our favorite and the app which we would recommend to use is called Zapya. You can download this app for free on Google Play and on iTunes.

Instructions How to Share Files from Android to iOS

  • Download and install Zapya on both devices
  • Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network
  • After the app is installed, start it on both devices. On the Android device, press Create Group
  • Afterwards, press on the menu button which is in the top right and choose Connect to iOS device. The name of the network and the host device will be shown.
  • After you have started the Zapya app on your iOS device and have connected to the same Wi-Fi network, select Choose Search and join in the pop-up menu. Afterwards, press on the device name which is listed on the Android app.

At this point now, both devices- the iOS and Android one will be connected and file sharing among them will be possible. It is possible to share installed games or other apps to other Android users as well, and you can also share all the media and other files between platforms.

Connect To Share

To switch between categories just swipe on the main screen from left or right. If you want to search for a file, then swipe right. The other apps which we tested, unlike Zapya, did not include a search function and allowed only browsing for files, so that is why it is recommended that you use Zapya. If you want to browse thru categories just swipe right, and if you swipe all the way to the right you can browse thru the file system.

To share your desired file, press it and then press on Send from the pop-up menu. If you need to send more than one file, then tap on Multi and select all the files you want to share. After that just tap send.

On the device to which you are transferring the files, a pop-up menu will show and it will inform you which files are being transferred as well as the progress status. You can stop the download process at any moment by simply taping Cancel on either device.

With this method you can easily share files only using your Wi-Fi connection, and on top of that this process is much faster in comparison to cloud services. And also, knowing that you do not upload/download anything, the transfer procedure will not cost you anything and will not spend your mobile data. Of course this method is significantly slower than using USB transfer, however this method on the other side allows you to transfer files from iOS device to Android, which is a task that may be really hard or even impossible in certain situations.

Connect to Friends

Limitations of course exist. For instance, you are restricted about what content you can send form your iOS device. There is no problem with sending photos or videos. If you want to share other files, then you must first open them in the corresponding apps, then press the Share button and share the file first to Zapya. In most cases this will work, however the app will sometimes crash too.

Also see information how to delete files from Android Phone – Guide.

Because the Android features an open file system, it is much simpler to send files from Android to iOS. You just search for the file you want to send and press Send. It will be sent in the Inbox tab of Zapya on your iOS device. After that, just tap on the file and select open, and it will open in its corresponding app.

Other apps can get the job done right too, for instance we also liked Feem Wi-Fi and Xender. Both are available on Google Play and iTunes.

Feem Wi-Fi is really easy to use app, however it is ad supported and you can find this really annoying. If you click on some of the apps you will be navigated out of the app and directed either to Safari or the App Store.

On the other side Xender is very alike to Zapya. It even has Phone Replicate feature that will enable you to copy all the stored data of your device with one touch. Still, there is no way to search for a specific files or app/ Of course if you don’t have a lot of local content this would not be a problem, however the option to search is always handy.

Have you ever tried any of these apps? Do you know about different method to share files from Android to iOS and vice-versa? Let us know in the comments.

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