You are probably wondering how to change imei number on your device. Here on this page you can solve this issue whit our IMEI Changer Apk software that is available for free download bellow. The IMEI number is of much greater importance then you may ever imagine. It is what identifies your mobile phone and it is the key to many other processes. For example, the IMEI number is the code that carriers use to lock your device to their network services, the IMEI number is the one that is blacklisted which influences the functioning of your device and the IMEI number is the one number without which your mobile device will never be found in case it is lost or stolen. If you go and report your phone as stolen or lost the police will be able to do very little if you don’t give them your IMEI number. Even if you go to the carrier’s shop and ask for it you will not be able to get it as it is seen as private and only the owner has access to it. Knowing your IMEI number is a must, especially now that so many phones are being stolen every day. If you know your IMEI you can black list your mobile and the thief won’t be able to use it, and the police will be even able to track it down.

Imei Changer Software Tool

How To Find IMEI Number?

As I said before it is a code or a very long number which consists of at least 15 digits. In some cases there are mobile devices whose IMEI numbers are even longer. The word IMEI is an acronym from International Mobile Equipment Identity number, so in other words it is an ID for your device. The IMEI number can be found on the packaging box of the mobile device, printed on the back of the battery or even in the contract you signed when you bought your cell phone. But, what happens if you can’t find the IMEI on none of these places? Then you can resort to dialing *#60# and the IMEI will appear on the screen of your mobile, or you can hit settings-about-general and spot the IMEI in this menu.

How To Find IMEI Number

Why Would Anyone Want To Know How To Change IMEI number?

As you are well aware there are many mobile devices that are being sold and bought from second-hand retailers, from online services for pre- used devices, from friends, acquaintances and so on. Sometimes when you buy a nice mobile phone using this method you don’t know who was the previous owner of the device and what’s the history behind the selling process. It is not rare that the phone you just bought has been already blacklisted, already reported as lost or stolen. This means that you will be unable to use your just bought phone, or in the least you will be restricted in your choice of network providers and carriers. You can avoid all this trouble by changing the IMEI. The sooner you realize this, the better for you. Now The changing imei process can be completed very easy whit the best imei changer service available on this page bellow.

How Can You Change IMEI Number Permanently

If you decided that the best course of action for you will be an IMEI change then there’s just the right product for you. The tool that is the right for the job is named IMEI Changer software tool. It can remove the lock on any cell phone model and brand by any network in the world. In a few easy steps, with the help of this tool, you can white- list your mobile phone and use it with and SIM card you wish. With the Change IMEI Number tool you can keep your personal information only for yourself, the cell phone company doesn’t have to know them too. There are numerous benefits that you can use from this tool but we will come to that later. First, I would like to help you with the process of IMEI changing. Albeit simple, have a look the steps of the IMEI changing process and study them carefully. Stick to them and refer to the list whenever you feel like you are in a blind alley.

How To Use IMEI Changer Software Step By Step

  1. Download the IMEI Number Changer Apk tool by click on the download button bellow( To start the download imei changer process you need to shere our page once on Facebook , Twiter or Google+) :
  2. Install it on your PC (it works on all operative systems), on your laptop or even your tablet.
  3. When the installation process is finished connect your mobile device to your computer. The best way to do this is by using a USB cable.
  4. Double click on the IMEI Changer tool to initiate the process.
  5. In the fields provided there insert the carrier, the country and the IMEI of your mobile phone. (Double check if the IMEI is correctly entered, because if it isn’t you will have to go back and start the process all over again.)
  6. Hit CHANGE and wait for the new IMEI code to be generated.
  7. In the changer window you will spot your new IMEI code. Save it on a document or write it down.
  8. Restart your mobile device with a SIM card that is different from the one you have been using so far.
  9. You can now use your mobile phone as if it is as good as new.

How To Change IMEI Number

As you could see the steps are few and easy. But, whatever questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to ask. We have customer support service that is available for you all the time.

Imei Number Changer Apk Supports

Change Imei iPhone 3g
Change Imei iPhone 3gs
Change Imei iPhone 4
Change Imei iPhone 4s
Change Imei iPhone 5
Change Imei iPhone 5s
Change Imei iPhone 5c
Change Imei iPhone 6
Change Imei iPhone 6s
Change Imei iPhone 6 Plus
Change Imei iPad
Change Imei iPod
Change Imei Samsung any model
Change Imei HTC any model
Change Imei Nokia any model
Change Imei ZTE any model
Change Imei LG any model
Change Imei Motorola any model
Change Imei Alcatel any model
Change Imei Blackbery any model
Change Imei Huawei any model
Change Imei Lenovo any model
Change Imei Sony any model

IMEI Number Changer

If you are still not certain whether it’s a good idea to change your IMEI here are some points that may help you make up your mind:

Imei Number Changer Benefits

  • Changing your IMEI number can unblock your mobile device. You can use your mobile on any network you wish.
  • Using the free How to Change IMEI Number tool you can discover more about the phone you intent to buy.
  • Locked phones are usually sold for a very low price. There is nothing stopping you to buy one and unlock it with the IMEI Changer tool.
  • Unlocked pones are sold for a much higher price. You can buy a locked phone, unlock it and benefit from the transfer.

Now it is so easy to change imei number on any device very fast and easy whit the best software maded for this problem. Just download the imei changer software from this page above and follow the step by step guide for this procedure. This is the best method to make imei change process successfully whitout any problems. Remember that this imei changing procedure can’t harm on your device.

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