Huawei P40 Pro Unlock Bootloader Software For Free

This post will help you to use the Huawei P40 Pro unlock Bootloader software that will help you remove several blocking systems from your cell phone device. The very simple method will help you remove the Bootloader restrictions directly from your cell phone.

There is an option to use the software on your PC also, but we recommend you to use the mobile version.

Huawei P40 Pro

How To Unlock Bootloader On Huawei P40 Pro

In order to use this service, you need to get the unlocking software on your Huawei P40 Pro or your computer. Therefore you need to complete the downloading process from the Huawei category on our website. Once you go there select your exact P40 model. The software also works on any P40 model (Pro, Pro+, Lite, Lite E). Therefore no meter which P40 model you have you can use the unlocking software. You can check also which Huawei models can be unlocked from Bootloader on this website.

Once you get the software you must follow the steps from the guide below:

  • Open the unlock Huawei P40 Bootloader software
  • Select the “I agree” option
  • Press on the “activate” button

Once you complete the third step from the guide above your cell phone device will start the removal procedure. You will need to wait a couple of minutes. You need to be sure that all along with this procedure your device must be connected to stable internet.

Huawei P40 Pro Unlock Bootloader

Once the Bootloader removal is fully completed your Huawei P40 cell phone will complete auto restart. Then insert your standard passwords and drawing schemes to start using your device.

Then the phone will send you notification that important changes were made. The second notification will contain a question. Do you want to use your cell phone with the new performances? Just select “YES” and you complete the whole unlock Huawei P40 Pro Bootloader process successfully.

Feel free to contact us if you have some doubts or questions that you have for this specific issue! You can also write a comment in the section below if you want to get the software on your email address!

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