How To Unlock ZTE Blade Any Model By Code Generator

On this page, you can learn how to unlock ZTE Blade and model cell phone with the best unlocking ZTE code generator. It is available for free downloading bellow on this page. ZTE Blade has been the first choice of many smartphone “junkies”.

It has an amazing set of features. Great camera, an immense array of colors, solid internal memory and the possibility for a great external one. Literally anything a person can ask for. But what happens when the ZTE Blade you purchased is locked.

Unlock ZTE Blade

How To Unlock ZTE Blade Instructions

To explain that I will brief some of you what does the term “locked phone” means. I am sure that none of us is unfamiliar with the term. Still, it could be of great importance to know a thing or two about locked phones. First of all, no smartphone ever comes out of the manufacturing premises as a locked smartphone or a phone in general.

The lock is added afterward by carriers themselves. When the carriers put a lock on the phone that is on display in their shops that means that the smartphone is perfectly fine and works as smoothly as possible, it is just that it works only on the SIM card provided by the same carrier you bought your device from.

This is a standard principle for all mobile phones. ZTE Blade included. The network providers must secure themselves somehow. Most of them provide a circle of regular customers. So, it seems like the best solution to deal with both matters with one strategy is to offer the clients cheaper smartphones for a favor in return.

That favor would be you claiming to use only their services, no matter what in the next 12to 24 months. If you decide to bail on the contract you so eagerly signed then you will have to pay a penalty fee and you would have to pay for the ZTE Blade in full, or at least what installments are left of the total payment required.


So, when you come to think of it your situation is not that great after all. I mean, you can’t just go at the carrier’s branch office and ask them to remove the lock on your phone, you can’t end the agreement if you are not willing to pay a lot, you can’t run away- they have a lot of your personal information, so in short, there is really so very little that you can do about your locked device. Some people when they faced the same circumstances as you are now have tried different sorts of methods.

There are those types of users who left their favorite device in the trusting hands of the specialists, who not only overcharged their service rarely managed to permanently unlock a device and in the process caused the termination of your cell phone’s warranty.

Others have paid a lot to online servicers who perform unlocking of locked smartphones. And, there is the third group who dared to go even further and spend a fortune on fancy hardware in the futile attempt to remove the annoying lock on their device.

Unlock ZTE Solutions

You can choose not to belong in any of those three groups. You can be the start of the new era where mobile phones are unlocked every few minutes all over the world, for free and by yourselves.

Today you have the opportunity to make a change. Unlock your mobile phone for good. This article is aimed at the owners of the ZTE Blade in particular. Although even if you don’t have a ZTE Blade you can benefit it you read it through as the procedure of unlocking cell phones it almost similar for all phones.

The tool I recommend that you rely on is the amazing ZTE Blade unlock software. Although it is specifically intended for unlocking ZTE Blade it can also remove the lock on other ZTE Blade models too. The tool is a software hack tool that enters the carrier’s database directly and removes the lock on your device from there.


That’s why using this ZTE Blade unlock software is the best way to go when you no longer can bear the restrictions of the locked phone you have. Thus, the unlock with the unlock tool is permanent and you have nothing to worry about.

Once unlocked, you can use your ZTE Blade anywhere in the world you may go, with any SIM card by any carrier there is. There are absolutely no limits once you unlock your phone.

You can use it on foreign SIM cards; you can choose cheap monthly plans from a different carrier each month. And yes, you can sell your unlocked ZTE Blade for a much higher price than you would its locked counterpart. Not only you can save a lot of money, but you can also make a few bucks if you unlock your ZTE Blade.

The tool that is available for you today is the best tool there is for this type of procedure. If you follow the instructions with the care you will see how easy a phone unlock could be. You can always check the video tutorial where you have explained in a clip each step of the way.

How to unlock my ZTE Blade with the Unlock ZTE Blade Software Tool

As you could see in the video it is a simple process. For your reference here are the steps you need to stick to:

  1. Download the tool and install it in on any computer that runs on any operative system. The tool is compatible with them all. To get this ZTE Unlocker on your device just click on the download button below:
  2. Open the unlocking software and fill in the required information.
    – The country where you bought your ZTE Blade.
    – The carrier you bought your ZTE Blade from.
    – The IMEI code of your device. There are many options as to how o get a hole of your IMEI code but the easiest is to have a look at the packaging box, or on the back of the battery. If that doesn’t work try going to General-settings-About phone. if that’s too complicated then just dial *#60# and you will see the IMEI flashing on your screen.
  3. Connect your ZTE Blade to your computer.
  4. After two minutes you will receive a message that contains the unlock code. The unlock code is the key to the whole process.
  5. Insert a SIM card from a totally different carrier from the one you were using and provide the unlocking code when required.


  • III
  • L2
  • G2
  • Q
  • Q Mini
  • V
  • G V880G
  • III Pro
  • S7
  • D6
  • Qlux 4G
  • L3
  • G
  • G Lux
  • S6
  • Vec 4G
  • Vec 3G
  • Q Maxi
  • E
  • D6
  • S6 Plus
  • Blade 3

The ZTE Blade you have will be unlocked before you know it. The benefits of an unlocked ZTE Blade are plenty and the effort is zero.

Get the Unlock ZTE Blade ASAP and enjoy the unconditional freedom for free. Here you can find unlock codes for all brand cell phones.

The newest ZTE Blade models available for unlocking – Check the new updated list:

  • Qlux 4G
  • Q Pro
  • Apex 3
  • A410
  • D6
  • S7
  • X3
  • X5
  • X9
  • V7 Lite
  • A910
  • A2
  • V7
  • A452
  • A512
  • A610
  • V Plus
  • L5 Plus
  • L110 (A110)
  • V7 Max
  • V8
  • V8 Pro
  • A2 Plus
  • V8 Lite
  • V8 Mini
  • A520
  • V7 Plus
  • A601
  • Force
  • Z Max
  • X
  • A3
  • A6
  • V9
  • V9 Vita
  • A7
  • A7 Vita
  • V10
  • V10 Vita
  • L8
  • Blade 20
  • Blade 10 Prime
  • A7 Prime
  • Max View

All ZTE Blade models that are listed above are now compatible with the unlock generator that you can use from this web page! Good luck!

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