Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 Using Computer Or Other Cell Phone

Learn how to unlock Samsung Galaxy s3 for free on this page. Here you can solve this problem in the next ten minutes with unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S3 code generator software tool that is available for free download on this page bellow.

All you need to do is to download this great innovation software on any device with a good internet connection ( computer, tablet, laptop or cell phone ) and to follow the step by step unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 guide from this post. The tool work on any windows, Linux, Android, MAC or iOS system that you use it on your device at this time.

Our team will make updates on time in the future so you can use this software on any device or operating system. Best about this solution is that is free and permanent so once you unlock your device it will be unlocked forever. Once you unlock your device you can use any sim card from any carrier worldwide!

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3

Unlock It Free

So what if you got your Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile device by signing a post-paid contract with one of the carriers in your country? That doesn’t mean that you should stay restricted from the benefits of the other carriers forever, at least not now when there are so many unlocking opportunities everywhere. It sounds tempting,

I know. Everyone wants to remove the SIM-lock of their mobile phone. But what’s the finest SIM unlocking tool that one can get, what’s the most efficient one, the fastest one, the simplest one, the most trusted one?

The answer to all these questions is: Network Unlock remote SIM unlocking tool. This service has been helping people in your stead for many years now. It has been on the market for almost ten years now and it has sustained the number one place in free and fast and neat service. No bad review, no unsatisfied customer.

The Network Unlock service has a unique approach to the task. It uses your Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile device’s IMEI number and it gets the unlock combination for your mobile phone issued by the manufacturer directly.

How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 Process

Since Samsung was made Samsung Galaxy S3 in 2010, now the Samsung company is the official manufacturer of the Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile devices and it generates the codes for its devices. the method the Network Unlock Tool uses is, in this sense the same method that your carrier would use to unlock your device retrieving your unlock code.

The service and the effectiveness will be equal of course; the only difference would be in the amount of money you would have to pay for the same process as you have it here for free. Who wouldn’t mind saving a few hundred bucks, right? That’s why this remote unlocking tool is so popular and so trusted.

The procedure is a factory and no questions are asked. Your phone will remain as spotless as it was before commencing the process and your warranty will remain valid as well. All you have to do is to download the generator for the unlock code and find out what your mobile device’s IMEI number is. The IMEI number can be seen in the box your device originally came in, in the contract you signed with the carrier and labeled on the battery. If you can’t find it this way then dial *#60# or search the settings menu under the option “general” and then “about mobile phone”.

How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 Step By Step

The SIM unlock procedure can be summarized in a few brief and clear steps:

  1. Step 1. First, download the unlock code generator by click on the download button below. Open it on your device( you must fill in IMEI number, carrier, country. Valid email address too on which you want to get your code for your locked device):
  2. Step 2. Pick the exact model of your Samsung Galaxy S3 device. The carrier that was originally sold from also. If you bought your Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile device from a second-hand retailer you may want to see the SIM card in your mobile phone as the name of the carrier should be printed there.)
  3. Step 3. Enter the correct IMEI number.
  4. Step 4. Click “unlock”. Wait for the code to arrive at your email address.
  5. Step 5. Insert a SIM card from a GSM carrier you never used before in your mobile device. Insert the unlock code. Remove the SIM Lock from your mobile device once and for all.


  • Neo I9301I
  • Neo I9300I
  • Slim
  • S3

This is the most simple unlock method but at the same time, it is the most efficient. There is no way that you will make a mistake as you will receive a detailed instruction manual.

Also, you can always contact the specialists available for you at every hour of the day for whatever questions you may have regarding the SIM unlock process. This is the best way how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone for free by the online tool. Feel free to ask for help by comment or email if you need one.

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