Unlock Nexus 6 For Free By Code As The Previous Model

Here on this page, you can now find out all about how to unlock Nexus 6 for free. Unlock by the latest software for this problem. It can generate the same unlock Nexus 6 code that your carrier has it for your cell phone device.

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Unlock Nexus 6

About Unlock Nexus 6

The rush about removing the SIM and network restrictions on the Nexus devices is never stopping. People from around the world are trying hard to get some real answers to this everyday problem.

Looking for answers online can clear your understanding of this issue but often it can make it even blurrier than it ever was. You will be surprised how many unlocking options are there and you will feel either confused or stupid for never trying one of those.

There are also many claiming to be official SIM unlocking Nexus 6 services, but truth to be told, the real and true official unlocking methods are in the hands of the carriers themselves. There are other unlocking services claiming to be genuine either are frauds or have a method that is nothing but a good copy of the official methods used by the carriers.

Other SIM unlocking services claim to have unofficial methods with which you can unlock your Nexus 6 all the same. They forget to mention, though, that the unlocking they offer is not SIM unlock at all, but rather a jailbreak.

The jailbreak can grant you access to your locked Nexus 6 but only one time. After this, you are advised never to use some services or any other original carrier or Nexus application as the lock will appear once again. Not being able to use certain apps is not a restriction removal at all, on the contrary, it makes you feel edgy and always alert about how you use your Nexus 6.

Real Life Experiences For Unlock Nexus 6

To clear the picture about the official methods we offer you here real-life experiences from users all over the world and how they managed to remove the SIM restrictions on their Nexus 6 devices.

Olly Farshi from Finland shares on his blog how he succeeded to officially remove the lock on his Nexus 6 3G. He was using the network services of the Sonera network provider and he claims that they have a certain policy when it comes to continuing your contract with them.

Namely, if you decide to buy another Nexus 6, preferable a 3G Nexus 6, and sign a new contract with Sonera you are granted the opportunity to pay the rest of the amount stated in the contract and have your Nexus 6 unlocked for a certain amount of money.

Ollie admits that this procedure is not cheap at all, but at least you will have an unrestricted Nexus 6 device if that is what you wish. The Sonera it specialists will ask for your IMEI number only, and with it manage to officially unlock your Nexus 6. It is also true that there are many online services that promise to do the same but he just could not take the risk.

After he submitted the IMEI of his Nexus 6 he synchronized his Nexus 6 with the carrier after which he had to install and update the new settings for the new carrier he had chosen. There are other countries like Finland where this method of official SIM unlock is possible so if you are not from Finland and not a user of Sonera, go to your carrier’s store and ask a few questions about this.

All The Way

In France, there is a slightly different unlocking method used by the carriers there. Sophie, for example, explains that in her country if you are a user of Orange the official unlock can be legally done six months after you have signed your contract with the carrier. The method in France also includes account synchronization to complete the official and legal unlocking operation.

Telia Sonera, in Sweden, as the user Zoo describes it, asks of you to wait at least half the time when your contract is signed to be able to submit for any unlocking procedures. The unlock Nexus 6 there costs about 30 $ for most of the carriers. The zoo doesn’t state though if the unlock is performed via an account or by any other method.

In Singapore, the unlock laws are a lot less strict so all Nexus 6 devices are supposed to be unlocked. You can go to any carrier’s store and purchase any Nexus 6 model that tickles your fancy. You can immediately end the contract and have a never-locked Nexus 6 for only 850 Singapore dollars.

Unlock Nexus 6 Problem

If you want to discover more about the carriers that approve unofficial unlocking visit their official carrier websites and see if your carrier is on the list and how much do they charge per unauthorized SIM unlock.
Useful information for you would be the following:

When signing a contract with a carrier from your country always notice the part saying “carrier offers authorized SIM unlock”. If the box before this statement is ticked then you can hope to officially unlock your Nexus 6 cell phone device. Otherwise, no matter how much you are willing to pay, or no matter how near the end of the contract you are, you will not be allowed to do it.

All in all, the official Nexus 6 unlocking is possible. Many have done it already. The fees can vary from country to country. From carrier to carrier within the same country. Before starting any SIM unlock procedure inform yourself well. Make the right decision.

How To Solve The Problem

  1. Download the unlock generator from this page by click on the download button below. (you can use this tool on any cell phone, laptop, tablet or PC device with any MAC, Windows, Android, Linux or iOS operative system that you can use it at this time. Our team will make updates on time so your device will be always compatible with our software).
  2. Open the software on your device.
  3. Fill in your locked Nexus’s information! IMEI number, carrier, country, and your valid email address.
  4. Click on the unlock Nexus 6 button.
  5. After five to ten minutes visit your email address. Write your unlock code for your locked device.
  6. Put a new sim card from another carrier.
  7. Turn on your cell phone. Fill in the unlock Nexus 6 code.
  8. Click the ok button.
  9. Your Nexus 6 is now an unlocked device! You can use all benefits from this procedure!

How To Unlock Nexus 6

This is the best solution. How to unlock devices for free by generator from your own home and your own device? No problem anymore!

The unlocking Nexus 6 process is really simple. There is no way for you to make a mistake. You are always welcome to ask for help if you need one. Contact our online team support by mail or comment.

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