How To Unlock Microsoft Lumia 640 For Free Using Well Known Tool

The best solution on how to unlock Microsoft Lumia 640 cell phone for free! Available on this page below. Unlock your Microsoft Lumia 640 free, fast and easy. Use your computer device. Use our unlock Microsoft Lumia 640 code generator tool. It’s available for free downloading bellow in this post.

Have you been pinning your hopes on every single online service or application tool that promised to unlock your Lumia 640? Now you can pick wisely by opting for only one choice. The best online remote assistance service for removing the SIM lock on every Microsoft Lumia 640 ever manufactured.


The Unlock Network SIM unlocking service was founded in the distant 2007. From then onwards it has unlocked as many Microsoft Lumia 640 devices as you can count. In the process of unlocking all the clients were satisfied and pleased with the final outcome. A permanent and quick solution to the SIM lock problem.

If you own a locked Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE only the Unlock Network online service can help you remove the lock safely. The solution in the shortest amount of time and for a very insignificant fee. Since the Microsoft Company bought Nokia, the devices it manufactures are getting better and better.

So is the case with your own model of Microsoft Lumia and with all the other models that follow and will follow. These devices are now different from all the other mobile phone devices. They are not operated by the Android operative system, buy by the windows operative system itself.

This means that your Microsoft Lumia 640 is now faster than the rest of the smartphones on the market. Not prone to malicious software. Why not use the full potential of your extravagant device? You can do it in less than ten minutes!

Unlock Microsoft Lumia 640

How To Unlock Microsoft Lumia 640

The unlocking process itself lasts for only a couple of minutes. But to get to this stage you need to download the official unlock generator from our web page of the Unlock Network remote unlocking solution and provide a few particulars about your locked Microsoft Lumia 640 mobile phone.

Just to be prepared, you need to know the name of the carrier where you initially purchased your mobile phone from i.e. the carrier your Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE is locked to, the country where the device was initially sold and of course the IMEI number.

The IMEI number may sound complicated to find, but don’t worry. There are many ways for you to try and get to it. The IMEI is very important for this process because without is the unlocking service will not be able to identify your Microsoft Lumia 640 and consequently, to trace its unlocking code from the Microsoft database. To find the IMEI of your mobile phone you can use one of the following techniques:


  • Dial *#60# from the device whose IMEI you are interested in, and the IMEI will appear on the screen of the device.
  • Go to Settings- General- about the phone- IMEI
  • Turn off your phone and gently take out its battery. It is printed there, on the battery’s backside.
  • Find the box your Microsoft Lumia 640 was originally packed in. the IMEI should be on the front lid.
  • Find the contract you signed. The IMEI is there somewhere as well.

You can start the unlocking process as soon as you can find these details. Type them in. Wait for the 640 code to be sent to you on your email.

When you get the email from the Unlock Network remote unlocking service, you will also find enclosed detailed instructions of the unlocking process. With the code in your possession you can freely remove the existing SIM card and replace it with a SIM card of any other GSM carrier there is in your country or from around the world.

You will notice at powering on that there is something changed and soon after you will be prompted to enter the unlock code. Type it in and press ok. Your phone is instantly officially and permanently unlocked.

Guide How To Unlock Microsoft Lumia 640 Step By Step

  1. Download the Microsoft Lumia 640 generator on your device (computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone) by click on the download button below:
  2. Open the generator on your device,
  3. Fill in your Lumia 640 information (IMEI number, country, carrier, and your valid email address) to get the right to unlock Microsoft Lumia 640 code,
  4. After that just click on the unlock button,
  5. Check your email address after five to ten minutes and get unlock Lumia 640 code,
  6. Turn off your mobile device and put the new sim card from some other carrier which you want to use it on your Microsoft Lumia 640,
  7. Turn on your cell phone. Put the unlock Microsoft Lumia 640 code that you get it in the unlocking process,
  8. Click Unlock now,
  9. Your Microsoft Lumia 640 device is now unlocked!!!

Unlock Lumia 640

Supported Models

  • Dual Sim
  • LTE
  • LTE Dual Sim
  • XL
  • XL Dual Sim
  • Microsoft XL LTE
  • 640 XL LTE Dual Sim

This is the best way to unlock phone devices for free by the code generators. Works online on any windows, MAC, Linux, Android or iOS system that you use on your device at this moment in time.

You just need to download the generator software tool on your device. Use the link above in the download button. Follow the guide step by step for any model-free, fast and easy.

This is the best way to unlock sim network pin on your device. Feel free to comment or ask for help if you need it. Our team will try to help you in the next four to five hours.

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