How To Unlock Huawei Phone By Huawei Modem Unlocker

On this page, you can learn how to unlock Huawei’s phone, modem or router from any model thanks to our Huawei modem unlocker software. It is available for free downloading on this page bellow.

Here you have all information and instructions about this problem. When you will unlock your Huawei cell phone with our Huawei modem unlocker tool you can use your cell phone device on any sim card in the world. Owning a smartphone can be a real bliss for people who live life constantly on the go.

You can memorize events and things to do. You can synchronize your calendar with reminders from your email or social networks. Also, you can send and receive emails, update info, take photos, record videos, edit music, read books or navigate through busy streets. You can do literally anything on your smartphone.

Huawei Cell Phone is a smartphone especially favored by the younger generations because of the large specter of colors it comes in. The screen is pretty awesome too and the camera is not to be underestimated either.

Huawei Modem Unlocker

Unlock Huawei Phone With Huawei Modem Unlocker

It is not a wonder that the interest for the Huawei cell phone on the market rocketed the minute the device was available in the stores. However, everything that is amazing has got an amazing price too.

If you went to the mobile store and asked for the phone you would be surprised by the amount and walk away. This is where the shop assistants take control. They waltz you back in the store comforting you with a nice little store that at exactly this point lady luck smiled upon you. You can now have the Huawei Cell Phone of your dreams for a ridiculous amount of money. It is almost 50 or in most cases 70 or eighty percent less.

You feel exhilarated, but after a minute or two when the initial impression wears off you realize that this here doesn’t sound exactly right and there is a catch for sure. And, guess what, there is. The catch is that you sign a contract with whatever carrier that you decided to buy your phone from. Then the contract says that you must use the services of that carrier only.


Even if you didn’t want to you have no other option as your Huawei Cell Phone will only work on the SIM card of that one carrier. Ok, I can live with it. You think at first, but as time goes by you realize you have made a grave mistake. You cannot take advantage of the many promotions other carriers use. Also, you can never pay less and talk or text or surf the internet more.

You can never have free-roaming calls or international calls. And you can see all these deals happening around you but you are not allowed to have a piece of that. If you feel stuck that way then I can surely comfort you with what I am about to share with you. Today is the day that you will leave all the worries behind and for once outsmart the mobile network providers and carriers.

Unlock Huawei

About Huawei Modem Unlocker

Today you are about to learn the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to remove the lock of your Huawei Cell Phone. And I am not talking about spending a bunch of cash on hardware programs. I am going to send you to the best technician in town. They fix the lock on your Huawei mobile for you.

I am going to ask you to stay right where you are and carefully read all about the Huawei software. With this software, you are able to unlock any Huawei cell phone. Any Huawei router or any Huawei modem too.

As you can assume it is a software application that you can download on your PC. The downloading time doesn’t take more than ten minutes. It depends on your internet speed it can be a few minutes less or a few minutes more. The installation process is as simple as installing a toddler’s computer game.


The link for the download can be found in this article posted below. If you wish you can visit our official web page. Then get it from there.

Either way,  you win. You will not have to spend hours browsing the net for the best software unlocking solution because the solution is right here. You will never regret unlocking your brand new mobile phone and that is a fact supported by several reasons: first of all, when your smartphone is unlocked you can switch as many SIM cards as you like and always be able to spare some money on the phone bill.

Second, if you decide to sell it! You will be able to sell your Huawei device for more than you actually bought it. Third, you will never have to tuck it away when you go abroad. You can use your Huawei phone as if you were in your own country. Needles, to mention this will save you a great deal of money. You can use a local pay-as-you-go disposable SIM card. Also, you will stay in touch with all your loved ones.

How To Unlock Huawei Device For Free By Huawei Modem Unlocker

  1. Download and install the Huawei modem unlocker tool on your computer (PC, laptop, tablet or Mac). It works perfectly on any operative system too. To download this tool you just need to click on the download button below.
  2. Open the Huawei modem unlocker on the device you installed.
  3. Connect the Huawei device to your computer ( with a USB cable)
  4. Answer a few relevant questions about your Huawei cell. For example, you would have to state which country did you buy your Huawei from. Which carrier the device is locked. And the most important thing, you will be asked to provide the IMEI number of your Huawei device. If you bought your Huawei device second hand and you don’t own the box where the IMEI is always printed then there is another way: dial *#60# and the 15-digit code will pop on your screen. Carefully write it down. Then insert it in the field for it in your open app.
  5. In a couple of minutes, you will receive a code on an email you provided earlier. That’s the code you wanted all along.
  6. Carefully remove the old SIM card. Insert a new one. Naturally from a different carrier than the SIM you just removed.

Final Words

Switch on your Huawei Cell Phone again. You will see a new notification. It asking you to insert the unlock code. So you already have the code. You will carefully inset it. The unlock code is successfully inserted and accepted. Then the Huawei cell phone will be officially unlocked.

The best thing, according to me, about the Huawei modem tool is that with it you can permanently remove the lock on your phone. The process of your device’s warranty will stay intact, and you can now do this for free. This is truly an offer of how to unlock Huawei cell phone that you must not miss!

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