Can I Unlock HTC Sensation For Free Using IMEI Number

Learn all about unlock the HTC Sensation free process on this page. Here you can unlock any cell phone with the unlock code generator that works on any windows, MAC, Linux, Android or iOS version operative system that you probably use it on your device on which you want to download this unlocker at this time.

The great thing about this application is that you can use it on any device with a good internet connection, computer, tablet, laptop or even any mobile phone. Read all information from this page and start your unlock HTC Sensation process as soon as you can!!!

Unlock HTC Sensation Procedure

The SIM lock s a common problem nowadays. Almost every smartphone users struggle with this issue. Almost every smartphone is now sold on a contract and that also means that each smartphone is sold with a SIM lock on it.

The SIM lock is not a complicated thing of something you should worry about. It is the carrier’s idea to keep you as a faithful customer and it is your calling if you decide to remove it or not. The Unlock Network Sim Phone from this page offers software unlocking tools for almost any popular mobile phone brands in the world.

If HTC Sensation is the device you seek to unlock then just pick the HTC Sensation to unlock tool from all the unlocks tools listed there. This unlocks HTC Sensation code generator you can find it and directly download it from the download button below in this post. The SIM unlock is not a complicated process at all and is deliberately simplified to avoid further confusion on the part of the users.

Unlock HTC Sensation

Guide Step By Step To Unlock HTC Sensation

  1. To commence your permanent SIM unlock process you need to download and install the software on any computer device in your home. To download the unlock HTC Sensation code generator on your device just click on the download button below.
  2. It would be wise to check if you are downloading the latest version of the SIM unlock tool. If you installed the tool before then check for updated and if any appear, just upgrade your software unlock tool. Install your phone’s drivers on the same computer and continue unlocking.
  3. Connect your HTC Sensation mobile phone handset and open the HTC Sensation SIM unlock tool. Then choose the correct options in this order:
  4. Choose the model of your HTC Sensation.
  5. Choose the version of the Android version your device runs on.
  6. Then Select the CPU type.
  7. Click on the direct unlock option.
  8. Allow for further changes to be made.
  9. It will not take long before you receive a message informing you that the mobile you own is done unlocking. When you receive this message it should be your cue to turn your HTC Sensation off and carefully remove the SIM card from your previous carrier.
  10. Insert a SIM card from a different carrier and power your handset on again. You will not be asked for any unlock codes or unlock passwords. You will be able to directly use your mobile phone device as you did before, but now you can use up its full potential as there is no SIM lock anymore.


  • XL
  • XE
  • 4G

Other popular unlock tools that you can download from this site are the free phone unlock tools for any cell phone model. All these unlocking tools are for free and always will be. So check out our webpage. Then get your unlocked phone in no time.

This is the best way how to unlock HTC sensation for free only with your computer device and our code generator. Use this tool and start using all advantages that un unlocked HTC Sensation cell phone have it. Now there is no need for you to pay expansive roaming services on your carrier as you can always change the sim card from another carrier in some other country when you travel a lot.

You can also use other cell phone plan that is many bathers for your way of life. If you have some problems with this process you can always ask for help from our support available at any time. Feel free to ask for help by mail or in a comment on this post and we will help you as soon as possible.

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