Unlock HTC Phone Code That You Can Retrieve With The IMEI Number

All about how to unlock the HTC phone on this page. Here you can unlock any HTC cell phone model for free. Use our software tool available on this page.

All you need to do is to download this unlocker service on your device. A device on which you have a good internet connection. Then follow the guide step by step bellow in this post. This software is capable to unlock permanently your device. Once you unlock your mobile phone with this way you can use any sim card or carrier on your device.

You will never pay roaming services that are very expensive anymore. You now can use a lot of advantages that an unlocked cell phone offers it. The best about our unlock HTC phone code generator is that you can use it on any windows, mac, Linux, Android or iOS operative system that you use it on your device at this moment.

How To Unlock HTC Phone

How To Unlock For Free

The instant solution to your SIM locked HTC Phone device is right here, right now. Visit our webpage. Select from the wide range of unlocking tools offered there. If you bought your HTC Phone by signing a post-paid contract with a carrier from your country here is where you can find a way to evade it.

Just pick the model. Unlock your mobile forever. The SIM lock is a software program put in to your mobile phone device by the carriers that sell those devices to us. We can act with a counter-attack. We use another software tool to remove the lock.

The unlock remover is very convenient to use. It is designed for your needs only. This software unlocking tool doesn’t just fix and unlock your HTC Phone device but it can also flash it too.

How To Unlock A HTC Phone Guide Step By Step

  1. To start the SIM unlock procedure you must download the unlock software from this webpage. Click on the download button below on the downloading page.
  2. To save time you should check if the version you will be downloading is the ultimate version. If you neglect to do this you can always update the SIM unlocking tool to its newest version a bit later.
  3. After the tool is downloaded and installed on your laptop or pc (tablets are ok too) install your mobile phone’s drivers too.
  4. Connect your mobile phone device to your computer using a USB cable. Open the tool. Here you must click on the exact model. The model that corresponds to the model of the HTC Phone device you want to unlock. Apart from this choosing task, you need to also choose the operative platform your device operates on i.e. the Android version installed on your HTC Phone. Then select one of the CPU types your computer is using: Cortex A7 or Cortex A9. The Broadcom USB will be set to serial by default for you so you don’t have to worry about this option.
  5. From all the unlocking options listed there, you need to choose the Direct unlock option as it is not just the most accessible one but it is also the most effective on for your HTC Phone mobile phone device. Allow the unlock process to continue and wait until you receive the information that your HTC Phone is unlocked. This step is not the last one though.

Final Manual Action

There is one tiny task for you to do: insert a SIM card from a different carrier than your original one. turn your HTC Phone on again and you should be able to use it as normally as before. This means that now your mobile phone device is finally free of all the restrictions and prohibitions it uses to have due to the SIM lock.

Unlock HTC Phone

Here you have the best online free way how to unlock HTC phone fast and easy. The unlocking HTC phone process is so simple that there is no way to make a single mistake.

We strongly recommend you use this free service from this page and do not pay a lot of money on some other place when you already have a free solution to this problem here.

Feel free to ask for help from our unlock phone team that works all the time on this online service. You can always contact us via email or by the comment at every single post that we publish.

Supported Models:

Check the models from the Desire models list!

Check the One model’s list!

All other models:

  • Wildfire R70
  • Exodus 1S
  • Exodus 1
  • U19e
  • U11
  • U12 Life
  • U11 Life
  • U12 +
  • U11 Eyes
  • U11 +
  • U Ultra
  • 10
  • U play
  • 10 Evo
  • 10 Lifestyle
  • Butterfly 3
  • Nexus 9
  • Butterfly 2
  • 8XT
  • Butterfly S
  • First

No meter do you own HTC cell phone from Desire family, One family or a model contained into the list above you can use the generator that will reproduce your unique unlock combination!

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