How To Unlock HTC Desire Any Model Easy For Free

On this page, you will find out how to unlock HTC Desire for free by the best online HTC Desire code generator that is available for free downloading on this page below. All you need to do to complete this unlocking HTC Desire successfully is to download the software on your device with a good internet connection and to follow the guide from this post step by step.

The unlock HTC Desire code generator works on any operative system from Windows, MAC, Linux, Android or iOS versions that you can use on your computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone device at this time. The unlock process is really simple so you can’t make a mistake with this procedure. Stay on this page and found out all that you need to know about this service that will solve your problem for free.

How To Unlock HTC Desire Free

The SIM locks can sometimes be a real burden. Especially if you have to put up with them for the whole 24 months! There will be tens of thousands of other deals from all sorts of mobile companies and you are stuck to the carrier that sold you’re your HTC Desire.

If you are feeling like you are missing out on a lot then you probably are. But there is a way to fix that. There is a way to remove all the restrictions that the carrier brought on to you by putting the software lock on your phone the moment they handed it over to you. Out of the many unlocking tools for different models of mobile phones, the most are collected at us. Here you can find the ideal solution for almost all new mobile phone devices.

For example, if you have an HTC Desire then you should be probably looking at the HTC Desire unlock tool available on this site. This tool works on all sorts of HTC Desire models so yours can use a treatment like this one immediately.

With the HTC Desire unlock software you can fix all Desire models mobile devices, you can flash and unlock your mobile easily and quickly and you can finally have the freedom to pick what is the best network service provider for you.

Unlock HTC Desire Procedure Step By Step

  1. To start the unlocking process you are going to have to download and install the generator on your personal computer, tablet or laptop. It works on all sorts of devices that can be connected on the internet and the power of their processors doesn’t influence on the positive outcome. You can download the software by click on the download button below.
  2. Downloading and installing the unlocker software tool is just one step towards your complete mobile phone freedom. Next, you must check if the version you installed is the latest one and if there are updates available then update the HTC Desire unlocker tool for the ultimate results. Install the phone drivers on your PC, if you haven’t already and connect your HTC Desire to the computer where the tool was previously installed.
  3. Open the HTC Desire tool, with your device plugged in the computer. Pick the operative system your device runs on from the upper left corner. Mark the CPU type and if the Broadcom USB is not by default set to SERIAL, you do this manually.
  4. Click on the “direct unlock” button and wait for just a couple of moments. Soon enough you will receive a notification on the screen of your device informing you that the procedure is completed and done.
  5. The final step to fully unlocking your mobile would be to turn off your mobile phone and insert a SIM card from the new carrier you would like to use. turn it on again and there you have it- permanently unlocked mobile phone device ready to be used on new SIM card there is, anywhere in the world.

Unlock HTC Desire

Support By Model

  • HD
  • Z
  • SV
  • X
  • VT
  • XC
  • VC
  • V
  • C
  • 616 Dual Sim
  • 210 Dual Sim
  • 310 Dual Sim
  • 310
  • 816 Dual Sim
  • 816
  • 610
  • 501 Dual Sim
  • 700
  • 700 Dual Sim
  • 601 Dual Sim
  • 501
  • 300
  • 601
  • 500
  • L
  • P
  • Q
  • 200
  • 600 Dual Sim
  • U
  • 400 Dual Sim
  • 828 Dual Sim
  • 728 Dual Sim
  • 626
  • 626s
  • 526
  • 520
  • 820G+ Dual Sim
  • 326G Dual Sim
  • 820s Dual Sim
  • 626G+
  • 626
  • 526G+ Dual Sim
  • 826 Dual Sim
  • 320
  • 620G Dual Sim
  • 620 Dual Sim
  • 816G Dual Sim
  • 820q Dual Sim
  • 820 Dual Sim
  • 820
  • 612
  • 510

This is the best free way how to unlock HTC Desire any model cell phone with online software. Now there is no need to pay for this process as you have a free solution that is permanent here on this page.

Just follow the guide step by step above and you will be capable to use your HTC Desire mobile phone on any sim card from any carrier worldwide. Feel free to ask for help if you need one by mail or in a comment on this post.

The newest changes in our generator make it compatible with the following new HTC Desire models:

  • 625
  • 530
  • 630
  • 825
  • 830
  • 628
  • 728 Ultra
  • 10 Lifestyle
  • 10 Pro
  • 650
  • 10 Compact
  • 12
  • 12 +
  • 12s
  • 19 +
  • 19e
  • 19s

As you all can notice now our generator covers all new Desire cell models!

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