How To Unlock Blackberry Curve Free With Code Calculator

Thanks to information from this page you can learn how to unlock a blackberry curve cell phone device without any problems with the best unlocking blackberry software solution – the blackberry unlocks code calculator tool.

On this page, you can download this great software for free on your computer. After downloading all you need to do is follow the step by step guide below on this page. This is the best free way to unlock the blackberry curve for free.

How To Unlock Blackberry Curve For Free

If you are stuck with a locked Smartphone there is no need to feel that way anymore. Sometimes when the smartphone you own is locked to a particular mobile network then you are not just feeling like you are missing something, you truly are missing.

You are deprived of the freedom to choose the expenses about the talking time or the texts or the mobile data service. You are deprived of using your Blackberry Curve, or any other smartphone for that matter, with all those vital information in it while you are away for a business, or on a holiday in a foreign country.

In some cases, you can be even stuck with the bad service of the network provider only because you signed a contract obliging yourself to that network for at least 12, or in most cases, 24 months. Many people sign these types of contracts without thinking about what could that means in the long term.

Later, when the impulsive buying of the mobile device settles you realized that you made a big mistake. I understand why you thought that paying less for the phone initially is a good choice that is a plan deliberately tailored to lure us into the company’s list of costumes for at least a year.


But what if you no longer wish to use the services of that network provider? What if you decided to move from the country you live in and go to the other side of the world? What if you did you math and the figures just don’t add up? In that case, we all look for a solution. For a whole in the contract that the network provider’s officers so kindly slid in our hands.

But you cannot just go there and say I want to break the agreement! I wish to terminate the contract and walk away. In that case, you would only have to pay even more.

You will pay a penalty fee for ending the agreement prematurely. Plus you will have to pay some more for the device you bought from them. So what is your other option, as the first one is out of the question. Your second option, and according to me, the best one, is using one of the online apps for unlocking smartphones.

There are many tailored unlocking tools on the internet. Some are available for free, others require a small fee, but not all of those are legitimate. This is a delicate situation so you want to go with what is already checked and proven successful. Different smartphone models have different unlocking tools so today I will explain how to unlock your Blackberry Curve and what is the best tool to do it.

Blackberry Unlock Code Calculator

The Blackberry Unlock code calculator is the best tool that so far has a 100 % success rate when it comes to unlocking smartphones of this brand. You can get the link for this app right on this page and you can also take a look at the tutorial video about how to unlock your Blackberry.

The calculator is a straight forward tool to use. it is designed in a fashion that is easy to master and navigate. Everyone can use the tool once they have read the instructions below.  Instructions on how to unlock a Blackberry Curve and once they have seen the tutorial video.

The calculator can be installed on any device you have at your home or at your office. Laptop, tablet or a PC. It is also compatible with all operative systems ( iOS, Windows, Linux..). The tool has been checked and double-checked for malware programs and/ or viruses for your safety. You can rest assured that this unlocking program will never harm your PC. SO, if you really want to get rid of the SIM lock on your Blackberry Curve this is what you need to do:

Unlock Blackberry Curve Procedure

– Download the tool by click on the download button in the download section.

  1. After the downloading is complete you will receive a notification and the next thing in order would be to install the unlocking tool on your device of choice.
  2. Grab your Blackberry Curve! Connect it to your computer ( use a USB cable)
  3. Answer the questions regarding your device ( you should have prepared in advance your IMEI number, the carrier you Blackberry Curve is locked on and also the country of purchase of your Nokia device. (All the information required here is pretty much obvious and you will have no trouble filling-in the fields. You may get confused at the IMEI number part, but you can easily get that information by dialing *#60# and the IMEI will appear on the screen on your Blackberry Curve.
  4. After this step is completed you will see the UNLOCK button on the screen. Click on it and wait for a couple of minutes while the system is processing the data and generating an unlock code for your locked Blackberry Curve. Shortly after you will receive the unlock code.
  5. The last step of the unlocking procedure is to turn off your Blackberry Curve, take out the old SIM card and insert a new one, from any carrier you wish. Turn on your device again. The message on the screen will ask you to insert the unlock Blackberry code. You already have it! Enter it to complete the unlocking process.

Blackberry Unlock Code Calcualtor

Supported Models

  • 9320
  • 9220
  • 9380
  • 9370
  • 9360
  • 9350
  • 3G 9330
  • 3G 9300
  • 8530
  • 8520
  • 8980
  • 8900
  • 8330
  • 8320
  • 8310
  • 8300
  • Touch CDMA

In just a few steps and in a very short amount of time you can unlock your Blackberry Curve yourself. No need to call experts. No need to pay a lot of money for this service. You can do it all by yourself and for free. You can use the Blackberry Curve unlock software tool

Not just for one type Blackberry Curve, but for all other models of Blackberry Curve too. Here you can unlock galaxy any model also. With the calculator, you can unlock your Blackberry Curve anywhere in the world. The outcome will ever be the same- successfully unlocked phone for free. With no more download this miraculous tool for instant lock removal of any model of Blackberry Curve.

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