How To Unlock Alcatel Pixi 3 For Free From You Computer

Here you will learn how to unlock Alcatel Pixi 3 for free by code generator that is available for free downloading. Thanks to this software you can unlock your phone device. Complete it from your own home, with your own device. Only a good internet connection is required.

The generator works on any Windows, MAC, Linux, Android or iOS operative system that you can use it at this time on your device. You can also complete the download. Install and generating process on any computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone device. Stay here! Learn how to complete this unlock Alcatel Pixi 3 successfully!

Unlock Alcatel Pixi 3

Unlock Alcatel Pixi 3 Procedure

Before attempting any unlocking procedures you need to check your contract. See if the box with “Carrier offers authorized Alcatel Pixi 3 code generator” is ticked. If it is not ticked then go to your carrier’s store. You may also contact the customer support service about this issue is simply futile.

If you can see no suck box nowhere on your contract, visit your carrier website. Scroll down until you find your country and then your carrier. Right next to your carrier’s name you can see if your Alcatel Pixi 3 is legible for official unlock or not.

Although different network carriers may use largely different methods. One thing is always in common. The 15 digit IMEI number is a combination of numbers that contains a lot of info about your Alcatel Pixi 3. If you know where to look you can discover when was it manufactured. The month, the year, etc.

Thanks to the IMEI number the Alcatel Pixi 3 code generator servicers manage to make the perfect match in their database with your NCK (Network Unlock Alcatel Pixi 3 Code). The network unlock code is also a mix of 15 numbers and it can be hard to guess.

Even when you have the network unlock code you should be careful when inserting it. Every failed attempt to enter it correctly may be fatal. You only have five attempts before your Alcatel Pixi 3 is blocked forever.

How Much Time Will I Spend

That is why it is best that you leave the process in the hands of those who can best do it. Leave it to the IT specialists and software technicians from your carrier’s office.

Normally the unlock process doesn’t take long. This statement does not apply to all carriers. Some carriers tend to stall the unlocking process to a few weeks. Others will unlock your device before you get home. Maybe the official unlocks sounds less attractive than the unofficial remote Alcatel Pixi 3 code generator.

With the latter, you sit at home and click a few times. With the former procedure, you may have to wait in lines. You may answer some uncomfortable questions and spend a few hours far from your home. Still, the benefits you will gain from the official Alcatel Pixi 3 code generator are incomparable with the benefits you will gain from the unofficial Alcatel Pixi 3 code generator procedure.

It is always best if your mobile phone device is not locked. Sometimes it is hard to remove this restriction. In France for example, you can unlock the Alcatel Pixi 3 you are using. Also, any other mobile phone device bought by signing a contract before the contract ends. Most of the carriers require you to have at least half a year before the contract ends. It is a fair deal for most users and no one misses out on this opportunity.

Around The World

The carriers in this country use the Alcatel company to wrap up the unlock process. Of all the mobile network carriers in France, Orange is the most flexible and can terminate your contract even before the 6-months period of obligation is over. It is not stated, though, if you would have to pay a fee should you cancel your contract before the six months are up.

In Finland, you are allowed to unlock your Alcatel Pixi 3 if you upgrade your mobile phone device to another Alcatel Pixi 3 from the same company. In that case, you need to pay a small amount of money and continue using the two Alcatel Pixi 3 devices on the SIM card of the same carrier.

The first device is now not on contract, but it doesn’t mean that it is Alcatel Pixi 3 completely unlocked. To unlock it you will need to provide the IMEI code of your phone to the specialist s and wait for a few minutes for the unlock to be finalized.

Before you get home, all the software work will be done for you, and all that is required of you is to connect your Alcatel Pixi 3 mobile phone device to your PC or Mac. While during this you need to have a different SIM card in the slot than the one you were using forever.

SIM Card Unlocking

The point is that the SIM card is from a different carrier than the one that imposed their network restrictions on you. Next, update your cell phone app to the latest update available there and synchronize it with your new SIM card.

In Singapore, everyone can have an Alcatel Pixi 3 that is unlocked. They don’t make you follow the agreement for full 12 or 24 months. If it is up to them you can tear the contract apart the moment you signed it. You will have to pay something for it, but you can also walk out of the mobile phone store with a brand new unlocked Alcatel Pixi 3 device.

In Sweden, the payment for the official process is not excluded as well. Here, depending on the carriers, the fees for unlocking may differ, but taken on an average, the procedure will not cost more than 40 dollars.

The official Alcatel Pixi 3 code generator process is a big deal and people are willing to pay a lot to be able to use the full potential of their Alcatel Pixi 3 devices. If you are lucky, your Alcatel Pixi 3 may already be unlocked.

Check it once again and see if your carrier approves of this process or not. If your Alcatel Pixi 3 cell phone device is still carrier locked you can use the unlock Alcatel Pixi 3 code generator from this page bellow to solve this problem permanently. If you want to solve this problem for free you just need to follow the guide below:

Step By Step Guide How To Unlock Alcatel Pixi 3 For Free

  1. Download the unlock Alcatel Pixi 3 code generator on your device by click on the download button below:
  2. Open the software on your device by double click,
  3. Fill in your Alcatel Pixi 3 information (IMEI number, carrier, country, and your valid email address),
  4. Click on the unlock button,
  5. Wait about five to ten minutes and check your mail,
  6. Wrote the unlock Alcatel Pixi 3 code from our mail,
  7. Change the sim card in your Alcatel Pixi device with a new one from another carrier that you want to use it in the future,
  8. Turn on your Pixi 3 cell phone device and fill in the unlock Alcatel Pixi 3 code when your cell phone will ask it from you,
  9. Click ok,
  10. Your Alcatel Pixi 3 cell phone device is now unlocked device!!!


  • Alcatel Pixi 3 (10)
  • (5.5) LTE
  • (5.5)
  • (8) 3G
  • (7) LTE
  • (7) 3G
  • (5)
  • (4.5)
  • (4)
  • (3.5) Firefox
  • (3.5)

Once you complete the unlock Alcatel Pixi 3 procedure you can use any sim card from any carrier worldwide. Now when you will have your device unlocked you can use all benefits that un unlocked Alcatel Pixi 3 device have it.

There is no need to pay very expensive roaming services on your carrier anymore. All you need to do to complete unlocking Alcatel Pixi 3 process successfully is to download the unlock software on your device and to follow the guide step by step above from this post.

Feel free to send us mail or writing a comment if you have any problem with this unlocking Alcatel Pixi 3 procedure.

The following Pixi models are also solvable for our generator:

New Pixi 3 models

  • (8)
  • (10)

Pixi 4

  • (3.5)
  • (4)
  • (6)
  • (6) 3G
  • (7)
  • (5)

If you have some model from the newest Pixi models of Alcatel you also don’t need to worry because our generator supports them all!

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