How To Unlock Alcatel Idol 3 For Free Using The Old Tool

Here you will learn how to unlock Alcatel Idol 3 for free by code generator tool available for free downloading in this post bellow. Now you can unlock all restrictions from your carrier. You probably sing two years contract whit your carrier and now you can use a sim card only from your first carrier and using their cell phone plans.

Thanks to our tool you can remove all carrier restrictions and start to use your Idol 3 device on any sim card from any carrier worldwide. Bellow, you have all information and instruction on how to complete the unlock Alcatel Idol 3 process successfully!!!

About Unlock Process

Undoubtedly the Alcatel Idol 3 devices are the most popular among users. There are a few hundred million users all around the world who wouldn’t trade their Alcatel Idol 3 for anything in the world. Alcatel Idol 3 became a lifestyle and an everyday necessity.

Starting from the fist Alcatel Idol 3 the features that this device owns become better and better. There is no age restriction when it comes to this product; all from 7 to 77 enjoy using it.

When the mobile device becomes a part of your life you tend to keep everything in it. Your carrier’s Alcatel Idol 3 allows users to do that and that is why the storage space is crucial for the users. However, sometimes the Alcatel Idol 3 carrier restrictions can be a problem for some users.


This happens when you forget your code and password, or when you buy an Alcatel Idol 3 that was previously owned. You can deal with the lock if you go to the carrier store and prove that you are the original owner, or provide the correct personal information of the person you bought your device from. Although doable, this is not always the easiest way, especially not for those who did not buy their Alcatel Idol 3 from a carrier store.

For cases like this, the generator tool is the best solution. This is an application tool available for free bellow on this page for anyone who needs to remove the carrier lock. You can find the link to this tool by click on the download button below and download it anytime you want.

Install it on your PC or Mac and start the process. Once the process is completed you can change the old sim card and user name and configure the Alcatel Idol 3 with your own settings. Just have in mind that this tool does provide a network unlock, there are other articles bellow explaining how to perform that, this tool merely helps you remove the carrier lock restrictions on your phone so that you can use it freely.

How To Unlock Alcatel Idol 3 By Code Generator Tool

  1. Download the software by click on the download button below.
    (you can download this software on any computer, laptop, tablet or even mobile phone device on which you have a good internet connection. Our service work on any Windows, MAC, Linux, Android or iOS operative system that you can use it on your internet device at this moment. Our team will make updates on time so you will always get the generator that is compatible whit your devise’s system)
  2. Open the unlock Idol 3 software on your device by double click,
  3. Fill in all information that your Alcatel Idol 3 have it for sure (IMEI number, carrier, country and your valid email address on which we will send you your code),
  4. After filling all information just click on the unlock button,
  5. After ten minutes visit your email address and wrote the unlock Alcatel Idol 3 code that is in our mail,
  6. Put the sim card in your phone from some another carrier and turn on your device,
  7. Fill in your code when your device will ask it from you,
  8. Click ok,
  9. Your device is now an unlocked device!



This is the best way to learn how to unlock Alcatel Idol 3 for free by unlock code generator that is available for free downloading above in this post. All that you need to do is to download the code generator on your device and to follow the procedure from this page.

The process is so simple that there is no way to make a mistake in the steps. If you have any problem whit this process you can always contact us via email or by making comment at the end of this post.

New Alcatel Idol cell phone models are available for unlocking. So check the list below!

  • Idol 4
  • 4s
  • 4s Windows
  • Idol 5
  • 5s

Finally, the same unlocking method is workable for the new models!

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