How To Unlock A Phone For Free Using Special Software

Well, today you are going to find out how to unlock a phone for free and all about it. We will go to let you in many secrets that network providers wouldn’t want you to know because if you did their profit from you would cut by half.

By default, no mobile phone has ever locked the lock is placed on your phone by the service provider itself. This is the case because you would stay loyal to them by all means. When you travel abroad you would pay extra for the roaming services your service provider offers, you can’t switch to another service provider when you are in your home country either.

You have signed a contract to them and that’s that. No promo offers or cuts prices for you. Even if you would like to sell your phone you will have to come to terms with a much lower price than your phone is worth. If you want to leave these “problems” behind just read the four unlocking methods listed below.

Here on this page below, you will learn all about how to unlock a phone that is locked on any carrier in the world. Below, you have all information and instructions on how to complete the process for free without any problems. Read the text below in this post to find out the best way to unlock your cell phone device free, fast and easy.

How To Unlock A Phone

Unlock Directly From Your Carrier

The first method on our list is pretty simple. Although many of you never even thought of trying to contact your carrier may really work. Gather as much information about your carrier’s unlocking policy and go for it.

They could be more helpful to unlock your cell phone than you could ever imagine. After all, unlocking your phone is not an illegal activity and if your reason is good enough for them you could be surprised. In many cases, the lock period is already over so unlocking was no problem at all.

Another Method

Another way to get your phone unlocked via carrier is to actually contact the carrier you intend to switch to. If you truly like their services better you shouldn’t hold back on making that promise. The new carrier would be happy to help you with the lock problem. It will work out an ideal solution for you.

If the new carrier supports GSM networks or CDMA then there is nothing that holds you back. Otherwise, even if you get your phone unlocked and switch to a network that is different from the above mentioned, your mobile phone wouldn’t function properly. Another useful tip for free unlocking is to search the internet for codes.

If your carrier cant unlocks your mobile phone you can get a free unlocking code on this page bellow. If your cell phone is locked then there is a 99% chance that you can find the unlocking code you need. Use our page below where you can find our great solution.

Unlock A Phone With Paid Unlocking Service

The second method involves paid unlocking services. These service providers will unlock your phone using only the IMEI number of your phone for a small amount. If you want to go with this method it is crucial that you know the correct IMEI number.

It is visible behind the battery, or on the packing box. Also, you can always dial *#60# and it will appear on your Samsung screen. Network providers don’t hold information of this type so don’t try contacting them for this matter.

Take your time searching the internet and reading blogs. You want to use the service only with the most trusted unlocking service. Otherwise, they can take your money and only do damage to your phone. The amount that is required of you to pay often is not a lot. It can vary depending on the cell phone brand and model you want.

IMEI Number

Using your IMEI number these unlocking services search for the network unlock code and with it, you can unlock your mobile phone. Retrieving the network code will last no more than a couple of days, but again, it depends on the cell phone brand and model that you own.

Once you have it copies it or writes it down. Be careful when inserting the network unlock code because you are limited to a few attempts. If you keep inserting the wrong code your phone will be locked forever. After you have completed this step successfully you need to try the new SIM card (it should be from a different carrier than the carrier your phone was locked to).

If your phone works on the new SIM card then congrats- you did it, but if it doesn’t work check that the code you entered was correct or contact your new carrier and see where the problem is.

How To Unlock Phone Free

How To Unlock A Phone With Cell Phone Unlocker Software

The third and the best method to solve the issue is to use our great innovation cell phone tool. With this software, you are able to unlock your mobile phone free. Get unlock SIM Pin fast and easy only with your computer device.

All you need to do is to download this software from this page bellow on your PC and to follow the unlocking phone procedure that is explained in this post. This process is so simple that there is no way to make a mistake. Just follow the step by step guide and you will get your cell phone unlocked.

When you will unlock your cell device with this tool you can start using your phone on any carrier in the world, on any sim card. You will get all benefits that an unlocked cell phone has.


There is no need to pay expensive roaming service anymore. But step by step, one by one let start with this unlocking procedure. First, you need to download the software by click on the download button. Remember that this tool application works on any cell phone brand. Click on the download button to start the downloading process. Use the download section.

When you will have the phone unlocker service on your PC you need to complete the unlock step by step guide below. But in this procedure, you must know some information about your locked device.

You must know the IMEI number on your phone, your brand and model and the carrier on which your mobile phone is locked. If you don’t know this information you can search on google and you will know all that you need to know for your locked cell phone device. When you will know this information you can start with:


  1. Download the tool on your computer from this page
  2. Open the tool on your PC
  3. Connect your locked cell phone device with your computer via USB cable
  4. Wait about one minute or less ( You wait for your cell phone to be recognized and you will get new window )
  5. Fill in your cell phone information ( IMEI number, cell phone brand, and model, carrier )
  6. Click on the unlock button
  7. You will get unlock code for your mobile phone
  8. Turn off your cell phone
  9. Put the new sim card that you want to use it from some another carrier and turn on your device
  10. Put the unlock code
  11. Your cell phone is now unlocked and you can use it on any sim card


  • This solution is for free
  • Works on any cell phone brand
  • Any cell phone model
  • Works on any carrier in the world
  • After the process, you can use any sim card from any network carrier
  • No need to pay for roaming services
  • Very fast and simple procedure
  • You can download this tool on any windows, MAC or Linux operative system. Any system that you use on your PC device at this moment
  • The unlock process with this tool is a permanent solution

The cell phone unlocker software that you can get it for free from this page is a unlock code generator service that is capable to generate an unlock phone code for any cell phone device in the world. This tool is the latest solution for free.

You just need our software, a good internet connection, and a computer to solve this issue. Don’t wait anymore and solve the problem with this third method. You will solve it for free. Feel free to ask for help if you need it. You can always contact us on our mail or in comments at the bottom on this page. Good luck.

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