How to Switch Between Apps on Your Apple TV For Pro User

The latest Apple TV version is without a doubt the best. It as App store support which has enabled the amazing world of apps to enter the big screen. And on top of that, the new Siri remote has drastically changed the way we interact with our TV. Now it is so simple to talk with the TV.

In this post, I will explain how to switch between apps on your Apple TV 4. Take a note that it is not difficult and it is kinda the same as switching between apps on iPhone/iPad or iPod and all of this is thanks to the new Siri supported remote. 

Switch Between Apps On Apple TV

Instructions To Switch Between Apps on Apple TV

  • First of all, if you want to switch between your Apple TV apps it will be required to open at least two apps on the TV
  • Once you have opened the apps on your Apple TV 4, press twice on the Home button found on the Siri Remote (you have to press the button twice successively)
  • Now the app switcher window on the Apple TV should be displayed and it is very alike to iOS
  • Now swipe left or right gently in order to move between the open apps
  • After you reached the app you wish to use just tap the trackpad gently
  • Alternatively, you can do the swipe up to move on the trackpad of Siri Remote to force a close of an app.

This guide will help you to switch your iPhone iPad on your Apple TV device to not use any apps to do this. We tested this method on Apple TV 4 and worked very well. If you like to use some good apps to switch your devices then the best is to make Jailbreak Apple TV 4 for free. The full tutorial will find here on this link how to make.

Many peoples when going to the apple store to get some apps for switching need to pay. And here stop to search, but we in this guide do this without any apps, for this issue to us help much the Siri command. I like to ask some questions about how to switch between apps on apple tv please write in the comment below we will replay to you at any time.

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