How To Stop Apple TV To Going Into Sleep Mode Full Guide

Over the weekend most of us spend the day doing nothing but watching TV all day long and this occurs even more often during the winter season. And very often it occurs to us to fell asleep. And just like you, your Apple TV also goes to Sleep mode after a while.

Standardly, a regular mode after one hour so if you are in the middle of your favorite show you should be prepared for such interruption. Still, if you find this over annoying then perhaps you just need to stop the sleep mode.

If you want your sleep mode after a while then you can do this by just holding down the Home button on the Siri Remote. After a few seconds, a menu will be shown in which there is a Sleep Option. But if you are watching something that lasts a bit longer and you do not want to be interrupted then it is important to know how to Stop your Apple TV from going into Sleep mode.

Instructions to Stop your Apple TV from going into Sleep Mode

  • Find and Start settings on Apple TV
  • Press “General”
  • Now navigate to “Sleep After”
  • Change the Sleep Mode time from “One Hour” to “Never”

And that’s it. After you set the Sleep mode of your Apple TV to “Never” it will never automatically again go to sleep. However, if your Apple TV is on sleep mode with a predetermined action you can wake it by simply pressing any of the remote buttons. Also, you do not have to permanently disable the Sleep mode. You can also change it to 15 minutes, 30, 60, five hours or ten hours.

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On the standard way, if you want to put your Apple TV to Sleep mode all you need to do is to just press the Menu button from the Siri Remote and hold it down for a second or two and then choose “Sleep” Or “Cancel” from the menu.

If you wish to put your sleep mode, simply press the Menu button from the Remote for one or two seconds, and select Sleep or Cancel from the pop-up menu.

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