How To Redeem Your iTunes Gift Card On Windows Or Mac

I have previously explained to you how to Redeem your iTunes Card if you are iPhone/iPod touch or iPad user but what if you want to redeem your gift card using a personal computer? Fortunately, Redeeming gift codes or downloading them on a Mac or PC is quite simple and easy.

Redeem Your iTunes Card

To Redeem iTunes Gift cards on the latest version 12 of iTunes is quite simple and just as easy on the previous versions. So, if you have already done it before on the older iTunes versions you know about what I am talking about. In this post, I will explain to you how to Redeem the Gift code on the latest iTunes 12 version and what are the changes in comparison to the older versions.

Redeem iTunes Gift Codes

If you are using iTunes Gift Cards you know that with them you can:

  • Buy the latest songs and music albums
  • Buy or download movies or new TV Shows
  • You can also download useful apps
  • Download and play the latest games
  • You can get the most interesting e-books from the enormous collection in the iTunes Store

There are a lot of things which you can get just by using the iTunes Gift Cards

If you want to Redeem your iTunes Gift card on the iTunes 12 version then just follow this procedure:

  • Start iTunes on your computer (Mac or PC)
  • Go to the iTunes Store (it is located in the top right corner)
  • Before you can start it is required to Sign In (note that your Apple ID and password will be required)
  • Bellow the “Quick Links” button on the right sidebar is the “Redeem” button. Click on “Redeem”
  • You must now enter your gift card or alternatively you can download the code and then just follow the instructions on how to redeem your iTunes gift card

Redeem iTunes Codes On Mac

It is also possible to Redeem an iTunes gift card using the built-in camera of a Mac computer. You can redeem the gift codes directly from the cards.

  • Once you click on Redeem (if you are using MAC) you will be shown an alternative option “Use Camera”
  • Click on “Use Camera” and show the gift card to it
  • Now follow the on-screen Instructions
  • iTunes will automatically Redeem your code

If you are using an older iTunes version such as iTunes 10 the Redeem process is even easier:

  • Start iTunes on your computer
  • Select the iTunes Store which is to be found on the sidebar
  • Sign in to iTunes
  • The Redeem button is just bellowed Quick Links. Click on Redeem
  • Enter the code of your gift card and that’s it

As you can see it is quite simple to Redeem an iTunes Gift code and thus be able to enjoy watching the latest movies, listen to the newest songs, play the latest games, etc…

Still, remember that if you buy something which costs more than the value of your redeem code, that amount will be charged from your credit card and Apple will not stop the purchase in this situation, it will directly proceed to the checkout and complete the order.

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