How To Gift From iTunes TV Show Music or Movie

The fast-approaching holiday season is the time of the year when most of us are busy trying to figure out what kind of presents to give to our beloved ones. Things have changed over the years and with the rising popularity of the mobile devices and especially the iPhone now it is becoming some kind of a trend to give a present from the App Store of Apple.

And knowing that we are preoccupied with our mobile devices then again perhaps sending this kind of gift is not a bad idea. There are many things you can send as a present with iTunes Gift cards. It can be a Movie, song, Music album, TV Show, app, etc…

iTunes Gift Card Generator

It is quite easy to get a Gift Card from Apple. They are available in all Apple retail stores. Alternatively, you can send them through email. You can even add a personal message along with the Gift Card to be texted along. It is very simple and easy and millions of people are enjoying this approach to sending presents and gifts.

What to give as a Gift From iTunes TV

There are numerous things you can choose from. And the selection process is quite easy. Just follow my instructions below:

  • Start iTunes app to select your gift
  • You can choose an e-book, song, music album, app, music video, etc… Once you make your selection you need to pay for the item
  • You can press on the item you have selected to preview it
  • Once you have made up your mind click on the drop-down which is next to the price of the item. By pressing on the drop-down you will select the To-Gift option for the item
  • Add your personal message to the recipient, as well as your name and an optional message
  • You can add the date on which you want the item to be sent
  • Select an email theme
  • All that is left is to confirm and to pay for the item. It will be required to enter your iTunes password.

The guide above is about ordering iTunes Gift from a personal computer. If you want to order via an iPhone or iPad the steps are a bit different.


  • From iTunes, select your item.
  • Then tap on iOS Share Icon which you can find it on the top of the screen.
  • Select the Option Gift and proceed.
  • The recipient will receive the gift through email.
  • You will be sent the Redeem Button from the download page.
  • Congratulations, finally, you have just sent a gift.

We have a special guide on our website to find the iTunes gift card generator for free to generate gift codes. Our software working on any OS versions only needs to download on your PC and to start.

On this page where is linked will find full information on how to get and use. I have questions please not wait contact us fast, or write in comment bellow. For any news please stay connect on our social networks and receive any tech news.

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