How To Gift Apps From iTunes Store On iPhone Or iPad

Finally, the holiday season is here. This is the time of the year when you want to tell your friends that you care about them and to show them how special they are. And what better way to show your feelings than to give a presentation.

How To Gift Apps

Sometimes it is very difficult to choose what kind of present to give. There are many options to choose from. Considering the fact how the mobile devices, especially the iPhone has become part of our daily lives and we cannot imagine doing something without them perhaps it would be a great idea to consider giving a present from the App Store of Apple.

There are tons of fun and useful apps to choose from and I believe everyone will be happy with this kind of present.

Gift App From Apple Store

Not to mention that it is extremely easy to gift an App from Apple’s Store. Currently, knowing that the latest iOS 9 is here I will explain to you how to get a free iTunes code on iPhone or iPad.


  • Begin by starting the App Store

  • Now browse through the apps and select the one which you want to send as a gift. Once you have made your selection, just tap on it to see the description page of the app.
  • Buy the app by clicking on the Share Icon (there is an arrow sign on the right corner)
  • Press the Gift Icon from the share page
  • Complete the required details including your name, email of the recipient and add a personal message (optional)
  • Set the date of delivery (Optional) Please note that today is set as the default sending date.
  • Select the card theme. Go Next
  • Make sure that you have filled in everything right. Once you are sure just tap on Buy to make a purchase

And that’s it you have ordered an App Gift from the Apple store. It will be shortly after delivered to your friend.

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