The Best Jailbreak Service For Your Apple TV 4

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Tool finally available on this page bellow for free. Jail-breaking your brand new Apple TV 4 can bring only good new in your family home. From all the positive aspects of this process, jail-breaking is almost obligatory when you purchase this magnificent TV set. The Apple TV has many functions that ordinary TV sets simply can’t compete with. You can instantly watch any video you wish via iTunes, you can also use all the other internet media channels and watch movies and series, documentaries, play music and watch music video clips, you can browse through iOS photos thanks to the airplay feature and much more. Thanks to the unique feature of the Apple TV, known as AIP PLAY MIRRORING, you can watch anything on your Apple TV that you would normally do on your Mac computer. Now, instead of watching the movie on the computer screen you can watch it in full quality and high definition on your brand new Apple TV 4.

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Free

The downside of owning this amazing media set is the list of channels. To be true the list of contents available for you to watch and enjoy in, is very limited. This is due to Apple’s eco system which is fine by many users but at the same time it is frustrating as you didn’t spend a small fortune for only a few channels and a narrow set of features.
Of course, there is always a thing or two you can do about any technical problem nowadays, so the few channels on your Apple TV 4 couldn’t strike you as an issue at all. Of course you can widen the list of your channels and multiply by several times the features available to you. You can have it all and enjoy it all with a simple act of jail-break. Intimidating as it may sound the jail-breaking process is very straight forward and absolutely elementary. No special skills or knowledge is required of you to pull this stunt.

All you have to do is download and install a software program on your Apple TV 3to be able to release all the hidden content that has been there for you all this time. The jail-break term is always used when some locked Apple features are released, so jail-breaking is not new at all. It has been applied to iPhone devices, to iPods and iPad devices, to Mac computers and now to the Apple TV 4 set as well. With the software tool you will install, you can initiate the jailbreak process, which in other words is entering the iOS operative system of your Apple TV and making a few alterations in your benefit. The legal side of the jail-break should not bother you at all as no one will ever know if you won’t tell them.

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Process Benefits

As we discussed before the benefits can be many. Starting from the fact that you will be able to gain access to thousands of TV shows, series, movies and documentaries; you will have the chance to watch millions of music videos and the opportunity to watch all video formats. When your Apple TV comes out of the box you can only watch certain video formats, but when you jail-break it the possibilities are endless.
If you want to stream videos from your Mac to your Apple TV you can do so only with Apple approved and selected contents via the iTunes. This sets the limits even from the start. Needless to mention that with your jail-broken Apple TV you can watch contents from all the other media sources, not just the iTunes.
You can easily stream all digital content with ease and flawlessly with the XBMC app, available only for the Apple TV 4 which is free of the ecosystem.Apple TV 4 Jailbreak

If you remove the Apple’s eco system and jailbreak your Apple TV you will not lose the benefits from Apple that were there for you in the first place. What I try to say is that, when you jail-break your Apple TV you are not punished and robbed of the best Apple feature. You can still visit and open iTunes whenever you feel like it, you can still treat yourself with a nice movie or a good piece of music every now and then from the Apple store, you can still watch videos on Netflix. All the original Apple feature will be there for you are they always were. Nothing will be changed except your granted freedom of choice.

What Are The General Characteristics Of The Apple TV 4 Jailbreak

The most important trait of every Apple TV 4 set which has gone through the process of jailbreak is that you can decide for yourself what do you need the most of it.
For example, if you have a large family and several computers in your home it is wise to make a home network. On the home network in the home library you cans tore and share all eBooks, electronic data, movies, music and so on. You should install the XBMC feature n your Apple TV to be able to share everything with everybody in your household. On the other hand, if you want to watch online videos via YouTube or vevo, or other online media, then for best quality videos you can install the Plex server and the XBMC. If, on the other hand, you are hooked up on TV series and shows and want to up-to-date with all the new episodes from Nbc, ABC, SyFY and much more movie channels, then the installation of the Bluecop Repository app is mandatory.

How To Jailbreak Apple TV 4

This application is installed in the framework of the XBMC and enables you to watch all your favorite series’ episodes absolutely free of charge.Thanks to the jail-break process you can make the layout of your navigation menu much more interesting and definitely more personalized. You can change the backgrounds, the color of the text, the size of the characters and their style and much more. To jail-break your brand new Apple TV 4 will not take too much of your precious time, in fact you will be done instantly, but the benefits you will gain will make you regret for not having done that before. The process is so simple and rewarding that everyone should consider doing it. Your Apple TV 4 will achieve its maximum only if it undergoes the jail-breaking process. The third generation of Apple TV sets is the best so far, and what I like about it the most is that you can command it directly via your iOS device, be that an iPhone or an iPad.

More About Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Method

The jail-break of your Apple TV 4 would have never been possible without the amazing software tool known as Pur Jailbreak Apple TV 4 Tool. As I stated before, to use this tool for your own means you don’t have to possess any social knowledge of skills. You only need to click a few times on the highlighted options and the tool will install on its own. The process is 90 % automatic and the other ten percent will be explained in the tiniest details here and now. The testimonials of the thousands of users confirm that the jailbreak process via the Pur Jailbreak Apple TV 4 Tool is not harmful for your PC or Mac and it is done in under ten-minute time to unlock all restrictions from Apple. The timeframe in which you get to unlock your Apple TV speaks volumes about how complicated the whole matter can really be.

Jailbreak Apple TV 4 Free

How To Jailbreak Apple TV 4 Complete Guide

Here you will discover the harmless and simplest way to achieve complete and unobstructed Apple TV 4 jailbreak. Also, you can find here the titles of many software tools and apps which are available to install on your Apple TV for no charge at all.
A very neat feature that you can install for free is the app named KODI which will enable you to install another software tool – PVR with which you can not only watch media contents in all known formats but it will also allow you to record your favorite TV program, movie or football match when you are away from home.
If you want to play music from the mkv format you should install the amazing tool a TV Flash.
The number of apps you can install for free on your Apple TV 4 set are endless. You can check for yourselves what’s the app that you find most useful at that moment, and install it. You can install free tools every day. You are not limited to a few tools only.
The free Pur Jailbreak Apple TV 4 Tool will change your perception on the TV sets forever. You Apple TV will not be just a rambling box, but a way of life. And to come to that stage you need to remove all the limitations and restrictions from it.

Full Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Instructions

  1. Download the Pur Jailbreak Apple TV 4 Tool from any browser on your PC and Mac and open the page. Download this software by click on the download button bellow:
  2. When the downloading is done you will end up with a zipped file that you will need to unzip on your desktop and run the installation process,
  3. Start the tool by double-clicking on it and select the option “create IPSW”,
  4. Unzip the IPSW file into your Apple TV 4 set,
  5. Connect your Apple TV 4 to the computer where you installed the Pur Jailbreak Apple TV 4 Tool. Use the USB cable that came with your TV set to secure the most stable connection between the two devices,
  6. Leave the power disconnected and PLAY and PUASE for about five to ten seconds,
  7. Soon enough your Apple TV 4 will automatically start the reboot process and you should wait patiently for it to finish. When the rebooting is done and the iOS on your Apple TV 4 is Apple your can congratulate yourself for jail-breaking your Apple TV on your own.
  8. Enjoy the mighty features that the Apple TV 4 can offer.

Jailbreak Apple TV 4

For optimal results you should check, every now and then, for some updates of the free apps you have installed. This is also recommended even for the apps you had to pay for. There are new features coming up frequently enough so you don’t want to miss on all the fun just because you were lazy to run a simple update scan.
On the official webpage of the Pur Jailbreak Apple TV 4 Tool you can see in the comments section the testimonials and experiences of all the users of this tools. No one is ever complaining and everybody is happy and satisfied with the simplicity and the effectiveness of the Pur Jailbreak Apple TV 4 Tool. Also, on this webpage you will find more news about existing apps and what are the best combinations you can make of them to secure utmost positive results. There is no reason why not try it. It is free and simple like all best things are. You will gain access to all media content and you can command your TV from a distance. You can record the things you fear you can miss and you can watch them later on. You can now access all media formats with just one click.
You are missing on a lot already! Don’t waste more time and download the best Apple TV jail-break tool ever!

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